Headlines & Stuff February 19, 2013

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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Twitter Raises the Price of a Promoted Tweet to $200,000 Per Day
Twitter has enacted another price hike to its Promoted Trend product, raising the cost of the service to $200,000 daily. That is up from $150,000 before and is 2.5 times as high as its introduction price.  Assuming Twitter can sell a Promoted Trend per day, the ad slot would generate $73m per year in revenue.

American Express and Twitter Sync Up on True Social Commerce
Starting this week, American Express card members can link their Twitter accounts with American Express accounts and tweet specific hashtags to actually buy products on the microblog. At launch, card members who have opted in can purchase an Amex gift card, an Amazon Kindle Fire, a  Sony Action Cam, an Urban Zen bracelet, and a Microsoft Xbox 360. These products will be available through March 3 if they don’t sell out.

Facebook is Testing ‘Buy Tickets’ Links for Events
Facebook appears to be testing “Buy Tickets” buttons and links for event pages. Reportedly, these buttons are simply links to third-party sites at the moment, but it signals a possible deeper integration with the social network. Considering that Facebook has payment processing already in place, “Buy Tickets” could become part of Facebook Gifts. The feature is only showing up on Pages in Israel and The Netherlands currently.

Pay to Promote Your Friends’ Posts on Facebook
Facebook has let you pay to promote your own posts since September. For $7, the company promised, you can make a given post appear higher in your friends’ feeds. It was a controversial new revenue stream that critics feared would turn your News Feed into a rigged game – one in which we’d all start paying to level the playing field. There hasn’t be a lot of evidence of that so far. But that may change with social pressure to promote certain posts from friends. “If your friend is running a marathon for charity and has posted information publicly, you can help that friend by promoting their post to all of your friends,” a spokesperson told AllFacebook. The feature will be rolling out gradually to all users, and won’t be available to those of us with more than 5,000 followers and friends.

Global Social Media

Google Signs Deal to Launch New YouTube App on Free-To-Air UK Satellite TV Service
Expanding its online video services beyond the Web, Google has signed a deal with free-to-air UK Satellite TV service Freesat to add a dedicated YouTube app for customers, ensure they will be able to access millions of videos without the need for an additional device.

Latin America, Asia-Pacific Social Media Users Enthusiastic About Brands’ Activity
Internet users in Latin America and some parts of Asia Pacific heavily interact with brands’ social network pages, according to a recent study. 70% of Brazilian consumers are “very much” or “somewhat” likely to visit a brand’s social media pages regularly, along with 72% in Mexico and another 64% in Argentina. Users in Asia Pacific are also quite interested in brands’ social updates. 40% of consumers in India say they’d very likely check brand’s pages on a regular basis, with only 6% saying they were unlikely to do so. At the opposing end is Japan, where only 4% were very likely to interact with brands and a little more than half would completely ignore them.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Lipton Tea Targets Younger Demographic With Instagram Competition
Lipton Tea has launched an Instagram competition as it looks to target a younger demographic. The four week campaign, called “Liptagram,” comprises of a photo challenge in which users will be encouraged to tag their photos using weekly themed hashtags which promote Lipton’s core brand values, including #LiptonBrightness. The competition will run via a dedicated Facebook Page, where people can submit their entries and view other candidates’ photos. Winners of each challenge will be announced on a weekly basis, and a prize of an all-expenses-paid safari trip to Kenya, including a Lipton Tea plantation tour, will be awarded to the overall winner.

Taco Bell Announces Doritos Cool Ranch Taco Via Twitter’s Vine
Taco Bell is heralding its new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco in a very new 2013 way: With a Vine. The fast food chain released Vine to get the word out about the item, which is available March 7.