Headlines & Stuff March 25, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Updates Comments Feature
Facebook is rolling out an updated commenting system that includes threaded conversations and ranks more relevant and high-quality comments higher. Facebook has been testing the upgraded comments functionality for pages that people can “follow” since November.

Pinterest Begins Rolling Out New Site Design
After a three-month test period with select members, Pinterest announced Monday that it will begin rolling out a new site design to the rest of its 48 million+ users. The design changes are relatively subtle. In the newsfeed, amount of space bordering pins has been reduced to allow for larger images and a cleaner layout. Profile pages have likewise been condensed to show more pins in less space.

Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences’ Tool Aids Marketers
Facebook on Tuesday announced a new tool that allows marketers to reach audiences with characteristics that are similar to existing customers they are already targeting on the social network.
The new lookalike audiences feature builds off the custom audiences services Facebook introduced last fall, allowing businesses to retarget customers on the site through contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Google Announces ‘Google Capture’ for Hangouts
Google announced a new Hangouts Capture app Tuesday, a new way for Google Hangouts users to capture photos of a Hangout in progress so they can relive the magic of the event later on. The app lets Hangout users take photos of a Hangout in progress, saving all of those photos to a shared folder available to all Hangout invitees. Photos can be viewed while you’re in the Hangout, while you’re browsing through your photo albums, and by visiting the original Hangout post on Google+.

Global Social Media

Top 25 Most Popular Celebrities on Chinese Social Media
We know Justin Bieber is the most-followed celeb on Twitter, and Rihanna is well-liked on Facebook, but who’s popular on Chinese social media? It’s a question that few people in the west likely ask, but with the rise of social networks such as Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) and Renren (China’s Facebook) among China’s 1.4 billion people, it’s one that is important to consider. Synthesio, a global social-media monitoring company, listened to the top 50 celebrities from Forbes’ “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” list, and monitored China’s top social-media sites, including Sina Weibo, Renren and Tencent Weibo. As this infographic reveals, Chinese social-media users love talking about basketball player LeBron James, who takes the top spot, followed by Rihanna and Justin Bieber, respectively. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift round out the top five.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Tesco Uses Google Street View for Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
UK retailer Tesco is using Google Street View for a promotion that rewards users for finding virtual Easter eggs.  If you live in the UK you can claim a chocolate egg if you find three virtual eggs. If you find a golden egg, you’re eligible to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

March Madness Uses Shazam App to Ensure Cross Platform Viewing
March Madness games on the four networks will be Shazam-able, allowing viewers to check on how they are doing in the office pool and find out details on players that are causing them to fall behind. There will also be a separate arrangement with LG. Users who tag live broadcasts on CBS and three Turner networks with the Shazam app will be able to gain access to updated brackets, scores and statistics, player details and March Madness Twitter feeds. Viewers can also tag LG ads to enter a contest to go to Atlanta, the Final Four city.