Headlines & Stuff April 1, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

LinkedIn Revamps Search
LinkedIn launched an upgraded search offering that unifies different categories and aims to help users sift through its trove of professional networking content more quickly and effectively. You no longer need to search for people, companies or jobs separately. You can type what you are looking for into the search box and you’ll see a comprehensive page of results.

Facebook Adds ‘Reply’ Option to Comments
Facebook announced it is rolling out a new feature to users can reply directly to comments left on their Page. The site is also prioritizing comments based on engagement – the most active and popular ones will surface to the top of your posts.

Facebook Opens News Feed to Targeted Brand Posts
This week, Facebook rolled out a new feature that lets brands target users for status updates that don’t appear on their brand Pages. The intent is to let brands target a subset of customers without alienating other members of its customer base. For example, a sporting goods brands could run a post appealing to basketball fans. While the post couldn’t appear on the brand’s Page, it would run in the news feed of fans who have an affinity for the sport. Other scenarios include a telecom carrier that wanted to target possible switchers rather than send a more general branding message to its overall fan population. Finally, the unit can be used for A/B testing of ads. A marketer can run two or more different messages and then see which works best.

Google+ Lets You Use GIFs for Profile Pics
Google+ announced this week that members can now use GIFs for their profile photos. The update comes just one week after Google added a search filter for GIFs and transparent images.

Global Social Media

Mobile Chat Apps Have Taken Over Twitter and Facebook in Japan and Korea
The rise of mobile messaging apps in Asia is challenging Facebook and other social networks for attention across the region. Line in Japan and Kakao Talk in Korea now rank higher than Facebook in terms of active users – 36 million and 19 million respectively. Neither Facebook nor Twitter is the top dog in China by virtue of the fact that both services are blocked. For now, Qzone is the reigning champ. It’s likely that WeChat will soon hit 400 million registered users this year, going head to head with Sina Weibo (China Twitter), but not overtaking it.

Twitter Snubs French Court Request For Information on Authors of Hate Speech
Twitter has failed to reveal the authors of anti-Semitic tweets after a French court mandated the company to do  so. The January ruling required that Twitter hand over data to help identify hate speech authors who live under the jurisdiction of French laws. The suit was filed by France’s Union of Jewish Students, who are now taking further legal action against Twitter for not complying. Twitter is appealing the original decision.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Steve Madden Launches Spring Campaign on Vine
Steve Madden is using Twitter’s Vine to promote a sneak peek of the new Spring collection and a one-day-only sale. The full blown ad campaign, a first for the new app, asked five NY photographers  to capture and showcase a different shoe style in Vine clips. The videos will be shared across the app, Facebook and Twitter and will promote a 30% off spring sale.  Watch it here.