Headlines & Stuff April 8, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Launches Facebook Home
Facebook announced Thursday its big mobile plans for Android: Facebook Home. It will initially be available only on a few models. So what is it? Home isn’t a new OS and isn’t a fork of Android. Instead it is a home screen and app launcher interface for Android that gives your Facebook notifications, news feed posts and messages more integration with the overall phone experience.

Twitter Cards Add Mobile App Deep Linking
During an invite-only event Tuesday, Twitter Cards unveiled several updates, including the ability to share even more information within a single tweet. Currently used by over 10,000 developers, the update adds mobile app deep-linking in Cards, which allows users to tap a link on Twitter to view content directly within an app if they have it installed. If they don’t have the app, they will be prompted to download it once they click the link.

Twitter and The Weather Channel Ink Deal to Create Custom Content
The agreement, which is similar to Twitter’s deal with ESPN, will include video clips of local forecasts, user generated content and coverage related to major weather events. Because it employs Twitter’s Cards technology, the content will stay within the Twitter stream rather than lead off-site. The aim of the partnership is to draw third party advertisers to sponsor the content.

Google Relaunches Amazon Shopping Competitor
Google Shopping Express is being piloted in San Francisco, allowing consumers to purchase and receive items from some retailers (Target, Walgreens, American Eagle and Toys R’ Us) same day. The platform is being described as being in “early days,” hence why the limited test market. Those in the bay area can sign up to help test the initiative here.

Global Social Media

Russian Government Selectively Blocks Site Access
The Russian government has turned to censorship on the web. Officials are utilizing a new law, which parliament approved in July and  took effect in November, that allows the government to selectively censor Web pages within its borders because of content it believes to be harmful to children. Major social networks – including Facebook and Twitter have been targeted under the new law. Both companies have complied with the government, with Facebook recently removing a page that had to do with suicide. Both companies complied only because the content violated their existing terms of use.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Nine West Encourages Fashionable Humanitarianism With Interactive YouTube Ads
Nine West has launched a YouTube campaign called ‘Gangs for Good’ that invites women to upload videos of them and their friends doing good while looking good. The campaign, on Nine West’s  YouTube network Channel 9, offers them the chance to win a trip to NYC and $5,000 donation to an approved charity of their choice. ‘Gangs for Good’ is part of Nine West’s new initiative ‘We Do Good,’ which is focused on compassion and fashion.

Dior Debuts Teaser Make Up Campaign on Twitter

French luxury giant Christian Dior employed social media to the fullest in anticipation of a soon-to-be-launched mystery makeup line. The company, which boasts worldwide recognition and uses many famous actors and models in its campaigns, spent March 27 blasting out short tweets of models with cosmetics from the new line. Each tweet had an image or sketch that highlighted a particular product with the hashtag #IconicColors. Messages were sent out every half hour after the initial post. The company also whetted  fan appetites by posting several videos on YouTube prior to sending out the themed tweets.