Stats of the Week May 17, 2013

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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week.

How We Look At Our Phones

Mobile statistician Tomi Ahonen recently published his TomiAhonen Almanac 2013 which features a wealth of information about mobile usage.  Tomi claims that there are now:

  • 6.7 Billion mobile accounts with
  • 5.2 Billion mobile phones in use and
  • 4.3 Billion unique users

Keep in mind there are 7.1 Billion people in the world.  Additionally, he also states that globally, we look at our phone an average of 150 times a day.  And this is what we’re looking at (remember, this is global):

How Typical User Looks at Mobile 150 Times Per Day Globally

  • Messaging related 23 times per day
  • Voice call related 22 times per day
  • Clock 18 times per day
  • Music Player 13 times per day
  • Gaming 12 times per day
  • Social Media 9 times per day
  • Alarm 8 times per day
  • Camera 8 times per day
  • News and alerts 6 times per day
  • Calendar 5 times per day
  • Search 3 times per day
  • Other random web browsing 3 times per day
  • Charging phone 3 times per day
  • Voice mail 1 times per day
  • Other miscellaneous uses 10 times per day

Source: TomiAhonen Almanac 2013

Retail Pricing in the SoLoMo Era

Retailers have had their share of woes over the past few years.  Between the economy nosedive, the public’s ever-changing purchasing habits, and the SoLoMo (Social/Local/Mobile) technology shift, retailers have had a lot to navigate.  In a recent Retail Systems Research (RSR) report, they found that:

  • Over the past 3 years 90% of retailers surveyed reported at least some sales increase
    • However, only 15% report aggregate gross margin gains during thel holiday season.
  • Retailers have learned to live with “showrooming” (people looking up competitors prices on their phones) and price transparency
    • They are less worried this year about damage to their zone pricing policies (21% this year vs. 34% last year),
    •  And 38% believe their policies to manage prices across channels are effective.
      • They’ve  opted to “be competitive” rather than price match (38% vs. 17%).
  • The top technologies currently being evaluated include:
    • Markdown forecasting and planning (24%)
    • Promotion optimization (23%)
    • Regular price optimization (20%)
    • Inventory management/availability as a price driver (23%)
    • Price intelligence (18%)

Source: RSR Research

The Secret to Motivating Moms 

Loyalty and engagement platform Punch Tab shared the results of a survey of over 600 moms that offers new insights into what works to motivate engagement and puchase from this high-value audience segment.  Some fo the key findings include:

  • 81% of mothers will engage more with a brand if they are offered a reward
    • 57% of moms will “like” a brand on Facebook for a reward
    • 52% will follow on Twitter for a reward
    • 50% will follow a brand on Pinterest for a reward
  • 67% are interest in perks – not just monetary benefit; examples being:
    • elite status
    • free shipping
    • branded merchandise
Source: Marketwire

Just for Fun, Here are Some Stats About the NHL TV Ratings

While viewership for the NBA Playoffs is down significantly from previous years, hockey is seeing huge ratings growth for NBC.  NBC is claiming it is the best ratings since 2002.  The top 5 markets in the US watching hockey right now:

  • Pittsburgh
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Buffalo
  • Boston
Hmm, must be a lot of Kings fans in those cities!
Source: NBC