Headlines & Stuff May 28, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting
Twitter, this week, announced Twitter Amplify, a way of bringing real-time video into the site, with initial partners including BBC America, FOX, Fuse and the Weather Channel. Twitter Amplify will be very closely tied to ads and video on the platform. Similarly to what Twitter has already been doing with partners like the NBA where a video also features a link to an ad.  Twitter also announced TV ad targeting, which works like this: an advertiser uses a special dashboard which lets a brand monitor when an ad has aired on TV. Through this, the campaign manager can then send out Promoted Tweets that coordinate with them. They synchronize, using “video fingerprinting technology to automatically detect when and where a brand’s commercials are running on TV, without requiring the advertiser to do any manual tracking.” Twitter is banking on a crucial stat as the leap of faith that this will all work: 64% of mobile users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home.

YouTube Enables Viewers to Shop Products on Videos
Google is releasing a new ‘channel gadget’ that will aim to shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales. The new technology will finally allow brands to sell products through their YouTube Channels. The new ‘shoppable’ videos will allow brands to partner with third party technology providers to allow viewers to click on a product and make a purchase.

Pinterest Launches New Format
Pinterest just got an upgrade that makes it easier for users to gather information by navigating in its site. Instead of exclusively linking back to the original source, pins from certain brands will now display information such as recipes, movie reviews, and price information. Pinterest has partnered with several brands, including eBay, Target, ModCloth, Sony and Netflix to introduce these descriptive pins – being called ‘Rich Pins.’

Twitter Launches Ad That Can Collect Personal Information for Marketers
Twitter announced a new kind of Tweet this week, designed specifically to allow marketers to easily collect information from Twitter users, if they chose to provide it. The format, an expanded Tweet called the “Lead Generation Card,” includes a button that with one click allows the user to provide their name, email address and a Twitter handle to the marketer as a request for a deal, more information or further communication.

Foursquare Debuts ‘Super-Specific’ Search Filters
Foursquare has refined its search capabilities to make it easier for users to look for particular venues. The location-based social network unveiled what it’s calling “super-specific searches” for iOS and Android this week.  Users can filter their searches based on criteria including: ‘I’ve checked in before,’ ‘I haven’t checked in,’ ‘my friends have checked in,’ ‘offering specials,’ ‘open now,’ and ‘I’ve saved.’

Twitter Announces Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter announced a new verification process to protect Twitter accounts. When activated, it means a second step to sign into your account, thus reducing the chances of someone hacking your profile.

Global Social Media

Two Out of Three Aussie Tweens Use Social Media
Even though children below 13 aren’t supposed to be allowed on most social media sites, 67% of Australian ‘tweens’ (ages 8-12) are socializing online. 28% use Skype and 26% use Facebook. 19% of Aussie tweens say they’ve chatted with someone online who they don’t know. 65% of the Australian internet population as a whole uses social networks, with the majority accessing it 5+ times per day.  There is very little information available about U.S. Tween social media.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Cereal Brand Lets Users Decide Ad Endings On Vine
Cereal brand Weetabix launched its latest campaign to promote its new breakfast line, ‘On The Go Breakfast Biscuits,’ using Vine. Weetabix released a Vine video series and asked their Twitter followers to decide the next step, whether to #getup or #hitsnooze, or #getbreakfast or #getout. The campaign produced four Vine videos with each sequence shot live depending on the responses of their Twitter followers. The videos reached over 262k users on Twitter.  Check out one of the Vine’s here.

Brazil’s Sky TV Let’s Subscribers Record Shows by Hashtag

Sky is testing a way for subscribers to record shows via Twitter. The technology generates a Twitter hashtag that works like a record button. The concept is in response to noticing that consumers were turning to Twitter for information about TV shows rather than the schedule programming on Sky’s website. Sky (majority owned by DirectTV) rolled out the service to subscribers this week.  Here’s how it works: Customers register on the Sky website and link their Twitter handles. When customers see @skybrasil tweet about shows they want to record, they retweet and add #skyrec. Sky connects the Twitter handles with the customers home DVRs and automatically record the program.