Stats of the Week May 31, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week.

Top Brands on Facebook

Here are the top 10 Food and Beverage brands on Facebook in terms of Likes.

  • Coca-Cola – 67,231,518
  • Starbucks – 34,665,379
  • Oreo – 33,489,216
  • McDonalds – 28,857,256
  • Skittles – 25,369,743
  • Pringles – 24,601,776
  • Monster Energy – 23,179,602
  • Pepsi – 16,961,880
  • Kit Kat – 16,124,172
  • Dr. Pepper – 15,376,619

Source: Zoomsphere


On May 21 ShareThis , in partnership with Digitas, published one of the largest studies of digital activities of moms.  The research offers new insights into how moms engage online.  While brands have long understood that moms are connected and influential, this research explores the intricacies of how moms are sharing online, what social channels they are using the most, and how much influence they have when sharing content with others. – See more at HERE.

Booze + Millennials

Below is an Infographic created by market research company Scarborough about Millennials and their alcohol consumption habits.  Turns out…  (large file may take a min to load)

  • 34% more likely to strive for high social status.
  • 44% more likely to like to live a lifestyle that impresses others.
  • Overall more likely to drink alternatives to tap water.

Scarborough Shaken & Stirred Millennials Infographic

Source: Scarborough