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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Instagram Looks to Hire D.C. Manager, Become Destination For Political Content
Instagram is now honing its pitch to a new category of celebrity content creators: politicians. Facebook is hiring a Washington D.C. Based political outreach manager to “manage and execute relationships with governments, politicians and political influencers on how best to use Instagram.” The job listing suggests that politics is a major area of focus for Instagram, which still has less than 30 employees. Instagram will join the ranks of Twitter and parent company Facebook who also have employees dedicated to political group/government outreach.

Facebook Cans Another Ad Format

It’s official: Facebook’s “Questions” ad unit for Pages is getting the boot as part of the ad unit massacre announced in June.

YouTube Subscription Channels Off to a Slow Start
Some of the partners for YouTube’s “pilot program” for subscription-based channels, which launched in May, have said that their paid channels are off to a slow start. A total of 29 channels went live as part of the pilot, with partners including Sesame Street, UFC, Nat Geo, PGA, and Magnolia Pictures charging $0.99 or more a month for paid channels that would sit alongside their free videos on YouTube. Despite the struggles, partners are still committed to their YouTube strategies and are using the program as a testing ground.

Facebook is Testing a Feature That can Track Customers’ Physical Movements at Businesses
Facebook has been quietly testing a new feature to help brick-and-mortar businesses engage with customers on their smartphones and give them more insight into customer habits. The idea: encourage users to check-in on Facebook in exchange for access to free in-store Wi-Fi. Users who connect to a network that has Facebook Wi-Fi activated will be automatically redirected to the business’ Facebook Page. They are then prompted to leave a message to let their friends know where they are and what they are doing. But businesses will get more than just a check-in. The new feature only works if merchants have a Meraki wireless router with a free feature called Presence. The routers collect info from smart devices, giving owners location-based performance indicators including capture rate, media visit lengthy, repeat visit rate, total number of visitors and total visits for a given site. Meanwhile, Facebook can collect data on users based on their check-ins, such as where they go and how frequently.

Global Social Media

Facebook Grows Mobile Usage 22% in the UK
The number of people in the UK using Facebook from their mobile devices increased 22% since June last year.  Facebook says the average user now logs in 10-15 times per day, while sharing 4.7 billion content items daily.  Globally, 751 million people use the platform via mobile device, an increase of 54% from the same time last year.

China’s Sina Weibo is Reportedly Testing a Feature That Lets Users Buy Influential Retweets
Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social network with over 500 million registered users, is test driving a new feature that lets users pay a small fee to have their content reposted by influential users. The cost will  vary based on follower size and influence – but early tests show an average range from 20RMB ($3)  to 50RMB ($7).

Noteworthy Campaigns

Mercedes-Benz Taps Top Instagram Shutterbugs for CLA
To promote the the new CLA (gateway luxury sedan), Mercedes-Benz is sending five top Instagrammers on the road.  The photographers — chosen for aesthetic, sheer fan numbers and fan engagement — will get behind the wheel of product model Mercedes-Benz CLA’s and take a five day road trip to capture and post their experiences. The photographer that gets the most “likes” during their week, wins a three-year CLA-Class lease. Mercedes isn’t the only auto brand tapping Instagram, Lexus recently amassed 200 Instagram users at Angel Stadium to create an ad for their latest model, while Nissan is asking Instagram users to upload videos and photos of a cutout of the new Versa for the chance to be featured in upcoming ad creative.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Vine Gets an Update
Vine released an update to its iOS app this week. Enhancements include: redesigned camera experience, categories to allow users to help find other Vine posts, Twitter features, including the ability to ‘revine’ another users post, and new channels that feature popular videos on the platform.

Twitter Bans Automated Following
Twitter has updated its developer guidelines with a number of changes including a ban on automated following and lightened restrictions on third-party curation services.

Twitter Experiments With Email-Based Targeting
Twitter is attempting to improve its targeting by information from cookies and users’ scrambled email addresses that will serve up more relevant ad messages. Twitter, which announced the program this week used this hypothetical example: Let’s say a local florist wants to advertise a Valentine’s Day special on Twitter. They’d prefer to show their ad to flower enthusiasts who frequent their website or subscribe to their newsletter. To get the special offer to those same people who are also on Twitter, the shop may share with Twitter a scrambled, unreadable email address or browser related information. Twitter can then match that information with a users account to show them a Promoted Tweet with the Valentine’s Day deal.

Facebook To Remove Ads Near Offensive Content
Facebook announced a new policy barring advertising from sections of the site with controversial content. Beginning this week, the social network will undertake a review process to determine which Pages and Groups should feature ads alongside their content under a broader set of guidelines.

LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates
LinkedIn is pitching brands and agencies on its transformation into a content-marketing platform, including a pilot test of “sponsored updates,”its rendition of native ads that appear in users’ news feeds. Taking a page from Facebook, LinkedIn is urging brands to develop unique content for their company Pages. The newest phase is unveiling the “sponsored updates” ad unit, which helps to promote content to a wider audience in the news feed. GE is one brand currently testing this feature.

Global Social Media

Twitter Quietly Rolls Out New Language Translation Tool
Want to know what Turkish citizens are tweeting in their own language about the protests sweeping their country? What about Argentinean Beliebers tweeting in Spanish about the pop star’s concert in Buenos Aires? Now you can, even if you don’t know Spanish or Turkish. Twitter is taking steps to connect you with people from around the world, overcoming linguistic obstacles. The microblog is implementing a new translation tool for tweets written in foreign languages on its site, with services provided by Microsoft’s Bing. Soon, all users will see a “View Translate” option once you’ve clicked the time stamp of that individual tweet.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Time Travel Through Paris With Augmented Reality App
Paris, Then and Now, is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows people to explore the city with historical images layered onto physical surroundings. Users can travel back in time and view more than 2,000 places of interest as they were 100 years ago. For each location you can see the full screen ‘Then and Now’ photos to discover the history of the place with facts and anecdotes. You can also superimpose the photos with reality to compare the past and the present, play with the transparency and observe the evolution of the landmark.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some we thought we’d share with you from this past week:

Internet Advertising

There is a great article posted on PSFK recently called, “Is it Time for Utility Marketing?” in which they post the following stats about Internet Advertising:

  • The average internet user is exposed to banner ads 1,707 times in a month. (ComScore)
    • There is such an advertisement abundance in the online spheres, that people have grown indifferent to them.
  • The rate of banner clicks is below 0.1%. When it comes to the most popular size of internet advertisement, 468 x 60 banners, the rate goes below 0.04%. (DoubleClick)
  • 8% of all internet users account for 85% of banner clicks (ComScore).
    • Advertisement click rates are not meaningful on their own. Statistics show that it’s always the same people who click on advertisements.
  • 31% of average advertising displays are not even seen by internet users. (ComScore)
  • Almost 50% of mobile advertisement clicks are made by mistake. (GoldSpot Media)
  • While 29% of people trust TV spots, the rate is less than 15% for the ones who trust banner ads. (eMarketer)

Other stated in the article:

  • Today, the lifespan of your messages on social media is shorter than half an hour and only 4% of your online community actually views your message.

Source: PSFK

The Reddit Audience

The Pew Research Center’s Project on the Internet & American Life has taken a closer look at the Reddit audience, finding it equates to 6% of U.S. online adults. For comparison’s sake, a Pew survey at the end of 2012 found 16% of people online used Twitter, and 67% used popular social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • 15% of male Internet users aged 18-29 say they use Reddit
    • Compared with 5% of women in the same age bracket and 8% of men 30-49
  • Men are twice as likely to use Reddit.
Source: MediaPost

Gaming Time Doubles on YouTube

The amount of time people spend watching gaming videos on YouTube more than doubled last year, compared with the prior year. In fact, the growth rate of time spent viewing gaming videos was greater than YouTube’s overall growth in the U.S.

YouTube analyzed anonymous views of gaming content on the site in the U.S. from 2011 and 2012 to learn how gamers behave, what they value, and what this means to game marketers, according to a white paper titled “Gamers On YouTube: Evolving Video Consumption.”  Here are a view of the highlights:
  • Viewing spiked during the summer months, with views in June growing by 17% sequentially.
    •  About 32% of views occurred between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM
  • Gamers had a preference for viewing certain types of content on certain screens.
    • Pre-launch, 63% of announce videos and 69% of launch videos were viewed on desktops, which have larger screens that demonstrates the cinematic quality of this content.
    • Post-launch, the second screens supplemented the gamer’s experience on their PC or television, whereas about half of game tutorial videos were consumed on smartphones or tablets.
  • Viewing peaks during weekends, summer, and prime time.
    • In 2012, game views grew 18% day-over-day on weekends and 17% month-over-month in June. About 32% of game views occurred during prime time TV hours.
  • Gamers are more likely to share comments on brand-released and third-party videos.
  • Some one in three views of gaming-related videos occurred on a tablet or smartphone in 2012, up nearly double from 2011.
 Source: MediaPost

Just For Fun

We were so enthralled with Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon yesterday that we thought we’d share some stats:

  • Murray became the first British player win Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936.
  • Murray joined Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic and Lleyton Hewitt as the fifth active player with multiple Grand Slam titles.
  • It was Murray’s 18th straight grass-court match win.
  • The “Big 4” (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray) have now won 33 of the last 34 Grand Slams (only other winner in that span: Juan Martin del Potro at 2009 US Open).
  • It took Murray eight appearances at Wimbledon to win his first title. The only mens’ player to take longer was Goran Ivanisevic, who won in his 14th appearance in 2001.
  • Murray also became the first player to win his first Wimbledon title the year after reaching his first Final since John McEnroe in 1981.

Source: ESPN

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Insights Get a Makeover
Facebook Insights is changing. A small, random group of beta testers got access to the new desktop design this week. A broader rollout is coming soon at an unspecified date. The new design is simpler, cleaner and more intelligible. Stats like “People Talking About This,” have been broken into separate charts that allow Page owners to individually measure the reach and engagement of individual posts. Additional charts make it easier for users to see what kinds of posts have better reach or positive engagement than others. Owners can now break down demographic behavior to see if their Pages, for example, are better at engaging women ages 18-24 or men older than 65.

LinkedIn Unveils New Updates
LinkedIn unveiled two new updates this week that give users a more personalized home page. Called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates,” and “You Recently Visited,” the features are intended to provide users with more personalized insights on activities and engagement across the platform. “Who’s Viewed” is a snapshot of what a user has shared over the past two weeks. It also indicates who has seen the content. “You Recently Visited” indicates recent profiles that a user has viewed, searched or conducted discussions about.

FTC Warns Search Engines About Paid Ads
Search engines are increasingly blurring the differences between paid ads and organic listings, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Letters warning search engines that they need to clearly differentiate sponsored ads from organic results, were sent to dozens of companies including Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo this week.

Facebook Developing Social Reader to Rival Flipboard
Facebook is working on a Flipboard-like social reader that will allow users to aggregate and read news stories from a range of sources. The project has been ongoing for a year. There has been no announcement about its release date.

Global Social Media

Turkey Hints a Twitter Censorship
The Turkish government is heading towards a showdown with Twitter after asking it to set up a “representative office” inside the country. The move could presage a censorship of the microblogging service it has accused of helping stir weeks of anti-administration protests.

Facebook Now Has 9 Million Users in Pakistan
Facebook is quickly growing in Pakistan. The social network just broke the 9 million user mark – an especially impressive feat considering it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. One million users in half a year suggests that Facebook could cross the 10 million threshold before 2014. For more on Facebook users in Pakistan – check out this infographic.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Amnesty International Campaign Finds Facebook Users Guilty of Crimes Based on Social Activity
Amnesty International’s New Zealand branch has an online tool that scans your Facebook Timeline and looks at how the freedom of your lifestyle measures up globally. As New Zealand was named one of the freest countries on earth, ‘Trial By Timeline,’ highlights what it might be like to be punished for attempting a quality of life that some take for granted.  The tool pulls out likes, words and updates you’ve posted that could have you arrested, tortured, fined or even sentenced to death in other parts of the world. Try it out here.