Headlines & Stuff July 1, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Insights Get a Makeover
Facebook Insights is changing. A small, random group of beta testers got access to the new desktop design this week. A broader rollout is coming soon at an unspecified date. The new design is simpler, cleaner and more intelligible. Stats like “People Talking About This,” have been broken into separate charts that allow Page owners to individually measure the reach and engagement of individual posts. Additional charts make it easier for users to see what kinds of posts have better reach or positive engagement than others. Owners can now break down demographic behavior to see if their Pages, for example, are better at engaging women ages 18-24 or men older than 65.

LinkedIn Unveils New Updates
LinkedIn unveiled two new updates this week that give users a more personalized home page. Called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates,” and “You Recently Visited,” the features are intended to provide users with more personalized insights on activities and engagement across the platform. “Who’s Viewed” is a snapshot of what a user has shared over the past two weeks. It also indicates who has seen the content. “You Recently Visited” indicates recent profiles that a user has viewed, searched or conducted discussions about.

FTC Warns Search Engines About Paid Ads
Search engines are increasingly blurring the differences between paid ads and organic listings, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Letters warning search engines that they need to clearly differentiate sponsored ads from organic results, were sent to dozens of companies including Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo this week.

Facebook Developing Social Reader to Rival Flipboard
Facebook is working on a Flipboard-like social reader that will allow users to aggregate and read news stories from a range of sources. The project has been ongoing for a year. There has been no announcement about its release date.

Global Social Media

Turkey Hints a Twitter Censorship
The Turkish government is heading towards a showdown with Twitter after asking it to set up a “representative office” inside the country. The move could presage a censorship of the microblogging service it has accused of helping stir weeks of anti-administration protests.

Facebook Now Has 9 Million Users in Pakistan
Facebook is quickly growing in Pakistan. The social network just broke the 9 million user mark – an especially impressive feat considering it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. One million users in half a year suggests that Facebook could cross the 10 million threshold before 2014. For more on Facebook users in Pakistan – check out this infographic.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Amnesty International Campaign Finds Facebook Users Guilty of Crimes Based on Social Activity
Amnesty International’s New Zealand branch has an online tool that scans your Facebook Timeline and looks at how the freedom of your lifestyle measures up globally. As New Zealand was named one of the freest countries on earth, ‘Trial By Timeline,’ highlights what it might be like to be punished for attempting a quality of life that some take for granted.  The tool pulls out likes, words and updates you’ve posted that could have you arrested, tortured, fined or even sentenced to death in other parts of the world. Try it out here.