Headlines & Stuff August 8, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts
Facebook announced embeddable posts are now possible. This is something you can already do with tweets, Instagram photos, Flickr and more, but hasn’t been possible on Facebook until now. Facebook launched the new feature with Bleacher Report, CNN, HuffPo, Mashable and People to start, but it will be made available to all “soon,” according to the site.  When embedding posts on a website, they will display just like they do on Facebook Users can also share the post directly from a website, like the Page, follow other posts, visit the post’s comments and more. Embedded posts will only be available for public posts.

Video Ads Coming to Facebook
Facebook plans to ask for up to $2.5 million a spot for a daylong run of TV-style ads that play automatically in users’ news feeds. Facebook recently commissioned a study from Nielsen that highlighted the social network’s reach compared to to TV. The study showed that Facebook has a reach comparable to or higher than that of the four TV broadcast networks during the day. For the 25-34 age segment, the social network boasts an incremental 41% reach to the networks during the day. This is how Facebook plans to justify  the hefty price tag.

YouTube Launches Geek Week
YouTube is hosting its first Geek Week August 4-10, highlighting a range of geeky videos including Blockbuster Sunday for iconic characters; Global Monday for geeky culture around the world; Brainiac Tuesday for science, education and knowledge; Super Wednesday for superheroes and the supernatural; Gaming Thursday for live plays and games in real life; and Fan Friday for fan boys and girls.

Amazon Launches Collections
Amazon  launched a feature this week dubbed Amazon Collections, which lets users categorize shopping wish lists into different categories. While Collections has more of a lean toward shopping, it has the look and feel of Pinterest. Collections lets people follow other users and add images to various lists.

Global Social Media

Facebook Takes 127 Out of 137 Countries According to the World Map of Social Networks
The latest world map of social networks created by Vincenzo Cosenza was just released. According to the map, Facebook still dominates with 127 out of the 137 countries analyzed. Since the last update, Facebook has now taken over in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Vietnam.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Chipotle Fakes Twitter Hack
A series of tweets from Chipotle’s Twitter account had observers scratching their heads last weekend, with many assuming the account had been hacked. As it turns out,  Chipotle hacked itself. The stunt was intended to focus attention on the company’s 20th anniversary promotion, a “treasure hunt” called Adventurrito. It’s a puzzle game, and on the day of the hack, the puzzle had to do with Chipotle’s ingredients. Hence why the tweets during the faux hack were about avocados, lime, salt and onions.  The chain was also looking to add Twitter followers and did just that. More than 4,000 people followed the account on the day of the “hack,” far more than the 250 daily average. The tweets from the hack were retweeted 12,000 times.