Headlines & Stuff August 13, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Experiments with Trending Topics
Two months after Facebook introduced hashtags, the social network is now testing another popular Twitter feature: trending topics. Facebook started experimenting with its own version of trending topics this week with a test group. Users will see a tile in their mobile news feed that lists one or more trending keywords (I.e. “Shark Week”). If you tap on that topic, you will be shown posts from other users – including those that you are not directly connected to.

Facebook Reveals Algorithm Changes to Newsfeed
This week, Facebook announced changes to the algorithm it uses to determine which stories appear in a user’s newsfeed. Key takeaways: 1. Every time someone visits their news feed, there are on average 1,500 potential stories from friends, people they follow and Pages for them to see. Only 300 of these stories will show up because of the new algorithm. 2. No major changes to how the newsfeed operates or how posts are ranked. 3. Organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear at the top of the news feed if the story is still getting a lot of likes and comments (Story Bumping). 4. People and Pages that are within the last 50 interactions that a user has will receive a small bump in ranking value (Last Actor). 5. Facebook will soon focus on real-time conversations by posting current events in chronological order at the top of the news feed.

Higher Tweet Volume Drives TV Tune-In

A study released by Nielsen has found that an increase in tweets can drive an increase in live TV viewership. According to the findings, a rise in live TV ratings drove up the number of tweets about programming among 48% of the episodes sampled. On the flip side, an increase in the volume of tweets drove up live TV ratings in 29% of the episodes it included in the study.

YouTube Co-Founders Release New Video App MixBit
The two men responsible for YouTube are releasing their latest endeavor, video clip-and-mix app, MixBit. Similar to Instagram Video and Vine, this app allows users to record 16-second clips of film, but MixBit allows users to edit and combine these clips to make longer videos.

Global Social Media

Facebook is “Friending” Latin America
Latin America – where one in three people already have Facebook accounts, will increasingly drive the network’s global profits, according to a Facebook spokesperson. With 84 million users accounts – roughly half the population – Brazil now vies with India as Facebook’s no. 2 market, after the U.S. Meanwhile, Mexico has a similar ratio, with 50 million users, while Argentina has 24 million, Colombia 19.8 million, and Venezuela and Chile each have roughly 11 million accounts.

Noteworthy Campaigns

General Electric Hosts a #6SecondScience Fair on Vine
GE is creating and curating posts showing quick science experiments as part of an effort to increase engagement on Vine. Using the hashtag #6SecondScience, the brand began touting the miracles of science after one video (experiment combining milk, food coloring and dish soap) became the company’s most successful Vine to date. The company is asking users to submit their own Vines, which they will retweet and blog the best examples. GE will also bring in Vine “celebrities” like Rudy Mancuso, Jordan Burt and Jethro Ames to help them out and are buying Promoted Tweets, Facebook ads, Tumblr mobile promos and BuzzFeed and Mashable integrations to further promote the campaign.