Headlines & Stuff August 30, 2013

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Launched Shared Photo Albums
Facebook announced shared photo albums this week, a new feature that allows multiple users to upload images to the same album – making it easy to get photos from various cameras in one place. Each album can be accessed by 50 contributors, each of whom can share up to 200 photos.

Twitter Launches Conversation View
When two or more people you follow are involved in a conversation, Twitter now groups those tweets together in your timeline. The conversation cluster will appear chronologically, according to when the last tweet was sent.

Facebook Promos No Longer Require Apps

To make it easier for businesses to run promotions on Facebook, the company is lifting its requirement that promotions must be administered through third-party apps. They can now be managed directly through brand pages as well as within apps. This means marketers can now collect entries by having users post to their page or comment on or “like” a post.  In addition, companies now have the ability to use likes as voting mechanisms for a contest.

Twitter Buys Trendrr

In an effort to make it easier for networks and publishers to display tweets in their programming, Twitter has bought the social TV start up Trendrr for an undisclosed sum. Trendrr’s technology will be used primarily to help a show present a relevant stream of tweets to depict the Twitter conversation happening around the show. This product is called “Curatorr.”

Twitter Hires First Commerce Chief For Social Shopping Push
Twitter hired Nathan Hubbard, a former president of Ticketmaster, as its first head of commerce, part of a push to enable shopping via short postings on its site. Twitter is now seeking revenue sources as it prepares for a potential initial public offering and targets $1 billion in 2014 sales. In its first foray into e-commerce, projected by Forester to be a $370 billion market in the U.S.by 2017, Twitter plans to offer retailers tools for selling good and services inside tweets.

Facebook Pulls the Plug on Physical Goods to Focus on Gift Cards

Facebook is ending its physical gift offering – which allowed users to purchase tangible goods  – as part of a greater effort to focus on gift cards. The social network will be adding more merchants to its Facebook card – a reusable gift card on which you can keep monetary balances from different retailers.

Global Social Media

Tweet for Money in Indonesia
In Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, a buzzer is someone with a Twitter account and more than 2,000 followers who is paid to tweet. Jakarta is the world’s tweet capital (it has more Twitter users than any other city in the world) and advertisers eager to reach the under-30 crowd are paying popular Twitter users to spread the word through social media, starting at about $21 per tweet. While celebrity endorsements on Twitter are common worldwide, Indonesia is unusual because advertisers are paying average Joe’s too. These Twitter “buzzers” send messages promoting brands (Nestle is one noteworthy advertiser) to their followers, usually during rush hour.

Noteworthy Campaigns

McDonald’s Calls For Short Film Pitches Starring Menu Item Characters
McDonald’s Canada is accepting pitches for 140 character stories featuring their cast members. If they are posted on Twitter using the hashtag #MakeMyFilm, the stories have a chance to be made into a short film. They need to star at least one of McDonald’s cast of menu item characters, which includes McNuggets, French Fries, Big Mac, McFlurry and McWrap. Winning pitches will be made into little movies and featured on the McDonald’s website.