Stats of the Week January 10, 2014

Written by: Jackie Mendez
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Every week (or so) we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape and we try to share a lot of what we learn with you in these posts.

kickstarterKickstarter recently shared some stats from 2013 which we thought we’d summarize for you here:

In 2013…

  • 3 million people pledged $480 million to Kickstarter projects
  • That works out to $1,315,520 pledged a day or $913 a minute
  • Backers came from 214 countries and territories and all seven continents (even Antarctica)
  • 807,733 people backed more than one project
  • 81,090 people backed 10 or more projects & 975 people backed 100+
  • 19,911 projects were successfully funded

Some of the highlights of funded projects included:

  • Pebble arrived
  • Oculus Rift changed the way video games are played
  • Ouya video gaming system powered up
  • Goldieblox inspired young girls
  • A Delorean hovercraft cruised the San Francisco Bay
  • A human-powered helicopter took flight

Source: Kickstarter