Headlines & Stuff January 23, 2014

Written by: Christy Wise
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Pinterest Now Supports GIFS
All Pinterest users can now play and pause GIFs within pinboards, a feature previously unavailable. When users come across GIF within Pinterest, it will now show a small “play” button in the lower lefthand corner where users can start and pause the GIF.  In other Pinterest news, the platform has revamped their search functionality for recipes. Users can now enter individual foods and ingredients into the search bar on Pinterest which will then surface relevant recipe pins from across the site.

Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm to Promote Link Share Posts
Facebook announced a change to its News Feed algorithm that tweaks which story types it shows from Pages. The company is promising a decrease in the distribution of text status updates from Pages but also said that Page administrators can expect “some increases in engagement and distribution” for other story types. Page administrators should decrease posts where the link is embedded in the status update. Instead, they should use link share posts to garner more engagement. Facebook also just added photo post scheduling for Pages Manager for iOS to make it more convenient for marketers to think visually when updating their status.

Instagram Fastest Growing App Among Top 10 in 2013
Facebook was the No. 1 app overall in 2013, but Instagram was the fastest growing app among the top 10. With an average of 103.4mm unique visitors last year between January and October, Facebook had easily the largest U.S. audience of any app, with traffic up 27% from 2012. But the growth rate paled in comparison to Instagram, which saw its app audience surge 66% to 32 million last year. Instagram also outpaced Twitter, the No. 10 app that grew 36% to 30.7mm last year.

Global Social Media

China Orders Real Name Register For Online Video Uploads
Chinese Internet users are now required to register their real names to upload videos to Chinese online video sites. The new rules have been implemented to “prevent vulgar content, base art forms, exaggerated violence and sexual content in Internet video having a negative effect on society,” according to China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Online video sites are extremely popular in China with 428 million users.

Australia Weighs Regulations for Social Media
Amid concerns about the negative effects of cyber-bullying, Australia’s government is considering introducing new regulations for social media sites. This move could significantly impact Facebook and Twitter. Australia’s Liberal Party, which unseated the Labor Party in September 2013, recently released a discussion paper titled “Enhancing Online Safety for Children.” it lays the groundwork for legislation to bring social networks under closer government control.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Dove’s Selfie Dissects Daughters, Mothers and Social Media
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its “Real Beauty” campaign, Unilever’s Dove has launched “Selfie,” a 10-minutes documentary bound for The Sundance Film Festival. The film, directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade, dives right into the heart of Dove’s brand mission: Convincing young women that the things they hate most about themselves are the features that make them the most beautiful. The twist is that the high school girls are assigned not just to rethink their own selfies, but give their equally self-loathing moms a selfie lesson too. The effort, a partnership the Sundance Institute is aimed squarely at social media. It says that 55% of the women in its research believe that social media plays a bigger part in influencing conversations about beauty than traditional media. Using the #BeautyIs hashtag, it hopes the idea will become a viral winner and inspire women to take different kinds of selfies, as well as share their own stories and images (women can upload photos and videos of themselves to the Dove website and social properties).