Scotch Facts February 6, 2014

Written by: Justin Runyon
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SCOTCH FACTSIf you know me, then  you know I enjoy the occasional cocktail after work. I’m specifically a fan of whisky, with a preference for Scotch whisky, and I consider myself our team’s whisky expert. Weekly I share what I call, “Scotch Facts: Your Weekly Dram of Whisky Wisdom” with my office friends and I thought you might like to see it too. Cheers!  – Justin

Whisky Fact of the Week:
The term cask strength means that the whisky is bottled directly from the cask without any dilution. Most whisky is diluted so that its ABV matches the preferred amount.

Bar Room Vocabulary (Words and terms to impress your friends):
Puncheon: type of cask used in aging whisky. It holds about 84 gallons.

Lagniappe (a little something extra):
The Rob Roy, a popular cocktail invented in 1894,  is similar to a Manhattan but is made exclusively with Scotch whisky, while the Manhattan is traditionally made with rye.

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