Scotch Facts March 20, 2014

Written by: Justin Runyon
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If you know me, then you know I enjoy the occasional cocktail after work. I’m specifically a fan of whisky, with a preference for Scotch whisky, and I consider myself our team’s whisky expert. Weekly I share what I call, “Scotch Facts: Your Weekly Dram of Whisky Wisdom” with my office friends and I thought you might like to see it too. Cheers! – Justin

Whisky Fact of the Week:
Canadian whisky is considered the lightest of all whisky because it traditionally consists of a blend of two components: a base whisky and a flavoring whisky. The base whisky is usually made from corn and the flavoring whisky made of a high rye content.

Drunken Vocabulary (Words and terms to impress your friends while drinking):
Clean: term used to describe the whisky being free from off-notes of any source. Different from “neutral”, though.

Lagniappe (a little something extra):
Do YOU have a whisky hoarding strategy? Be prepared:

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