The Power of Google in Social Media Marketing March 26, 2014

Written by: Hannah Redmond
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Hannah.pixOn March 7, Google knew it was my birthday and served me a birthday Google Doodle. When I left work, my Android phone told me that it would take me 32 minutes to get home, that an Amazon package was waiting on my doorstep, and that a new episode of my favorite show would be on TV that night. I didn’t set up any of these alerts; Google just knew to tell me.

Since Google implemented a new design and Single Sign-On (SSO), requiring Google Plus accounts for all users, it knows what I search for (Google Search), where I’ve been/where I’m going (Google Maps), and what I buy (receipts in my Gmail). Google Plus ties this all together to create a database of information to deliver custom digital experiences.

As a user, I love this integration. It makes my life easier and makes running errands more efficient. And I am happy to let Google learn more about me and deliver these custom ads and experiences if it means that this wonderful service will remain free for users.

As a marketer, it’s exciting to think about how this will impact the work we do for our clients. Google is tracking loads of behavioral data on what consumers are doing online and offline every single day, creating an opportunity for incredibly innovative and targeted marketing.  For example, if we know that our target consumer is reading reviews of pet food during a lunch break, we could potentially send them a coupon when they’re about to pass by our pet food store on their way home.

Users’ experience on Google Search is becoming more custom, as well. Based on variables like a user’s connections, friends, search history, and location, Google Search results are unique. As a marketer, I want to give consumers a voice and a platform to publicly talk about and review my clients’ products and services to help insert them into more search results. I want to make sure our clients have a strong, optimized presence on all things Google – from Google Plus to YouTube – since Google social channels are the only social channels indexed in Google Search, unlike Twitter or Facebook.

Google is becoming a foundational platform on social, and the brands that win will be the ones who are harnessing its influence across platforms.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Google in Social Media Marketing

  1. I have been a loyal google user and now g+ for some time. I have read extensively how the tracking of my behavioral data will benefit me but maybe I am missing something as I can’t recall it actually benefiting me in any way.

    When will I receive even one coupon or discount? I will continue to use but I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. I found it very interesting when Google showed me a cake on my Birthday as well. Google hangout is a great source for social media marketing too. Google glass will be another breakthrough as well. Then self-driving cars! What will they think of next!

  3. Dear Hannah
    I totally agree. Google is part of my and everyone I know, daily life. I search and research for my work, and for my personal use of goods, and services. It has become the tool of our modern life.

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