Facebook Strategy Shift (White Paper) April 7, 2014

Written by: Tom Edwards
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Facebook recently instituted some major changes to their platform that greatly affect marketers. To help you navigate this shift, we’ve created a white paper that will help substantially.

The overarching point you need to understand is that organic Facebook reach is being reduced dramatically and it will cost you to reach your own audience. Facebook is now less about brand-published content being the sole driver of engagement. You must pay to amplify your content and you must create multiple variations of your content based on targeting different segments of your audience.

Here is a summary of what you will find in the white paper:

  1. Past: Facebook Reach = Earned Media.  Present: Facebook Reach = Paid Media
  2. Trend of organic reach of content on a brand’s Facebook page:
    1. October 2013 reach = (approx) 12% of followers
    2. February 2014 reach = (approx) 6% of followers
    3. Soon reach = (approx) 1-2% of followers
  3. Now, more than ever, brands must pay for reach on the platform
  4. Near Term considerations:
    1. Re-evaluation of your creative
    2. Frequency of posting
    3. Personalization
    4. Optimization
  5. Defining the “Way Forward”
    1. Reach & Frequency Focus
    2. Engagement Focus
    3. Community Focus

Download the Fanscape White Paper by clicking on the image below.

White-PaperFacebook Strategic Shift (White Paper)