#SelfieRevolution White Paper June 10, 2014

Written by: Larry Weintraub
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Say what you will about the term, “Selfie,” but whether you hate it or love it, odds are you are doing it. Not a day goes by where millions of us aren’t snapping photos of ourselves with the intent of capturing the moment or the location using the front-facing camera on our smartphones.  Did you ever wonder why we do it? And, if you are a marketer, are you curious about how your brand or your client’s brand can benefit from this so-called #SelfieRevolution?

Olga Kraineva, one of our superstar account executives at Fanscape / The Marketing Arm Digital, wrote an insightful White Paper that dives deep into the psychology and the marketing case uses for the Selfie.

Download a copy of the #SelfieRevolution White Paper HERE (click ‘Save’ to take it with you).  It’s free, you don’t have to sign up for anything, we just want you to enjoy it and we hope that it helps expand your knowledge on the Selfie!

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