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Digitally Approved is a collaborative effort put forth by the marketing experts at Fanscape and the occasional guest blogger. Our blog is a forum for personal insight on web and industry trends, giving readers an in-depth understanding of social media and word of mouth marketing strategies.

Our Pledge

Though our expert opinions may differ, we vow to share and discuss our viewpoints openly and honestly.

Our Invitation

We invite anyone interested in digital marketing trends and strategy to participate in the discussion through comments, questions, and feedback. Contact us at digitallyapproved@gmail.com.

Our Company

Fanscape is a leading Social Media Marketing Agency with over fifteen years of experience helping clients reach and activate consumers and influencers to foster positive word-of-mouth sentiment about their products. Fanscape’s online influencer marketing experts have in-depth understanding of niche audiences and consumer behaviors and are driven to increase our clients’: brand identification, share-of-voice, and sales. For more information on the company please visit: http://www.fanscape.com

Note: Fanscape contributors and guest bloggers are encouraged to voice their individual opinions, ideas, and beliefs. Blog entries do not necessarily reflect the views of Fanscape as a whole.

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