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Written by: Christy Wise
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Ello – the Anti Facebook
You may have already heard about Ello, the ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that has gone viral over the past week. The site has gained a reputation as being the ‘anti Facebook.’  Several reports have linked the rise of Ello to a recent firestorm caused by Facebook’s real name policy (Ello lets users use any name they choose).  The site is a cross between Twitter and Tumblr – users can post status updates, photos and GIFs, and comment on their friends’ posts.  Ello is receiving anywhere between 4,000 and 30,000 requests an hour for access to the site.  As noted by our own Tom Edwards here, one of the more attractive features of Ello is that the site promises not to sell your data to third parties. Could this be the next big thing? Or just a passing fad?

Twitter is Working on Its Own Native Polling Tool
Twitter is working on a new set of interactive Cards that would allow people to run polls natively across its social network. One key advantage of this offer is the ability for users to interact without being redirected away from Twitter, which would likely improve engagement rates with any polls.

Amazon Adds Twitter Product Tweets to Wish List
Amazon introduced #AmazonWishList this week, allowing customers to add items to their Amazon Wish List without leaving Twitter. Users can reply to any tweet that contains an Amazon product link with #AmazonWishList to add the product to their wish list.

Pinterest Lets Brands Target Ads to Existing Customers
Pinterest is working on a way for advertisers to target people in a brand’s customer database – like the consumers on an email subscription list – with ads on the site. The company is also building a measurement tool so that marketers can credit their ads on Pinterest with the purchase people make on a brand’s e-commerce site.

Twitter Tempts Studios with Targeted Ads
Twitter wants to help Hollywood studios reach moviegoers at precisely the right moments. With a soon-to-debut service, studios will be able to serve ads to Twitter users who have followed the accounts of specific movies, as well as users who have tweeted about particular movies in the past.

Global Social Media

Russia Orders Facebook, Twitter, and Google to Register as Social Networks — or be Blocked
Russia’s communications regulator has ordered Facebook, Twitter, and Google to join a register of social networks or face being blocked in Russia. By registering as “organizers of information distribution,” companies agree to store data about their users’ communications on servers in Russia, or pay a fine of 50,000 Russian rubles ($13,000). Companies that fail to register within 15 days of a second order from the regulator can be blocked in Russia.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Will Ferrell’s Video Game Battle to be Live-Broadcasted on Twitch for Charity
Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge, hosted on Indiegogo, will allow one lucky winner and guest the chance to travel to San Francisco to play Will Ferrell for two hours on October 26. It will be hosted online on video game streaming platform Twitch. The winner will also get other contest-related gear, as well as a tour of Twitch’s headquarters.  In order to quality for the drawing to play Will Ferrell, you have to donate $10. All proceeds go to the nonprofit charities Cancer for College and Donate Games. With a goal of $375,000, the campaign is currently just over of $100,000 and has 12 days left.  If donors give more than $10 they can receive additional prizes, like exclusive sunscreen, t-shirts, hoodies, and a custom skateboard. Higher donation amounts also get more entries toward the grand prize.

The Anti-Facebook? Meet Ello

Written by: Tom Edwards
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With the recent shift towards a reach and frequency model and organic reach hovering at 3% (with plans to go lower by the end of the year), Facebook has now created a void in the social networking eco-system.


This is what maturing enterprises do. They refine and evolve and sometimes this change has significant ramifications on existing best practices. Facebook is still an incredibly powerful digital platform. I would no longer classify it as a “social network” at least from a brand marketing perspective. Facebook has moved away from KPI’s such as engagement to focus on becoming a highly effective direct response tool.


We are currently at a significant cross-roads from a social marketing perspective. The mantra of reach through engagement is really only applicable on Tumblr & Instagram (for now). Twitter is shifting towards an algorithm driven approach to showcasing tweets in your feed and organic reach has continued to decline and it will be interesting to see how much of the feed is “real-time” moving forward.


With all of this movement away from what made social… social, you should expect to see new platforms emerge that essentially provide what Facebook used to be, an actual social network.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 18.33.14

One such platform that is starting to pick up momentum is Ello.


“Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers” according to the founders. It is designed to be an ad-free digital zone.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 19.08.45

One of the selling propositions to join yet another network is the fact that they state they won’t sell data to 3rd parties.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 18.33.39

The core of the experience is similar to what you would expect, it supports GIFs, comments on posts and reply directly to friends. You also have insight into how many people have viewed a post but there is nothing revolutionary with the platform, it simply is what Facebook used to be.


This is still in it’s early stages and is very similar to the early stages of the social networks that came before it so there are still some elements that need to be refined but there is a need for platforms such as Ello that provide an alternative to the increasingly ad driven models and allow for more organic connection and discovery of content.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 18.53.10

Be sure to sign up for an invite.

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