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YouTube Rolling Out “Cards” to Replace Annotations

Written by: Hannah Redmond
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This week, YouTube announced the release of a new product called “Cards,” which will eventually replace annotations on videos. Keeping with the trend of mobile optimization across its products, cards will work across screens, including mobile. Currently, in the annotations category only InVideo Programming annotations work on mobile devices.

Source: YouTube Creators Blog

YouTube says this is a response to feedback from YouTube creators for the need of more flexibility with annotations and the need for them to work on mobile. They said in the YouTube Creators Blog:

You can think of cards like an evolution of annotations. They can inform your viewers about other videos, merch, playlists, websites and more. They look as beautiful as your videos, are available anytime during the video.”

There are 6 types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website, and Fan Funding. You’ll now be able to find the “Cards” tab in your Video Editor to create and edit them at any time.


As mobile media consumption continues to increase year over year (note the graph below on mobile data traffic), it makes sense for YouTube to extend the benefits and functionality of annotations to mobile devices for content creators.

Similarly, as brands continue to increase the amount of content for the digital space, the consumer’s mobile experience needs to be kept in mind. Marketers need to ask: “How will these cards help my consumer while they are on their mobile device?” There is a difference between “standing out” to a consumer and “disrupting” a consumer’s experience. The trick with these cards will be using them in a unique way to stand out that still adds value to the consumer.


Source: We Are Social

Visit the Cards Help Center to see more detailed descriptions about, and examples of cards.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Twitter Goes Public
Twitter went public this week as shares of the company started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares of Twitter soared to 73% above their offering price in their first day. Twitter priced its initial public offering at $26 a share. The stock debuted at 10:49am ET on Thursday and the first trade came in at $45.10 a share. Shares quickly jumped to a high of $50.09 – a gain of 93% over the IPO price before dropping back a bit to the trading day close at $44.90. A price near $45 shares values Twitter at $24.4 billion.

The Thumb is Gone: Facebook Like Button Gets a Makeover
Facebook Like and Share buttons are seen more than 22 million times a day and are embedded on 7.5 million websites. They are also getting their first ever redesign. The biggest difference is the thumb is gone from the Like button. Instead it will appear in the dialogue box above the button that shows you how many likes or posts a page has. The new button features the “f” logo instead. The Share button will replace Facebook’s Send button. The design is optimized for high-resolution screens.

Facebook Trialling Technology To Track Users Cursor On Screen
Facebook is testing a new technology in efforts to study how users browse the site. The social network will gather information on how a user’s cursor lingers over a certain part of the site, or whether a user’s newsfeed is clear at a given instant on the screen of his or her mobile device.

Google Announces Live Video Tutorials Called Helpouts
This week Google announced Helpouts, a new tool that connects users via live video chats with experts who can help them with questions about home improvement, cooking or even medical devices. Helpouts serve as a Google-vetted marketplace where approved companies such as Sephora, One Medical and Rosetta Stone can offer their services to interested parties in real-time over live video (and can even charge for them!). Google has invited 1,000 companies to participate and plans to keep the marketplace “invitation only” for now.

Global Social Media

96% of UK Journalists Use Social Media Every Day
Out of 589 journalists from the UK, 96% interact with social media “on a daily basis,” and 92% do so on Twitter specifically. This compares to the 70% who two years ago, said they engaged with social media each day and the 80% for whom Twitter was a regular tool in 2012. The study also revealed that 42% “thought that social media was so important that they would not be able to carry out their work without it.” Social media for journalists is more often used for “publishing and promoting” their content (91%) and for finding stories (89%).

Noteworthy Campaigns

Top Shop Transforms Pinterest Into a Searchable Gift Guide
In anticipation of the holiday season, Topshop has partnered with Pinterest to create a campaign that centers around customers creating and submitting inspirational boards for the holiday season. This can include decorations, a dream dress, their ultimate festive tree, and Topshop products.  Entitled “Dear Topshop,” the campaign plans to take a 360 degree approach to make its presence known on and off-line. The collaboration will act as the ultimate gift guide that will feel personalized to each customer. Quirky and easy search categories such as “A gift that will wow,” “All things that sparkle,” and ” A bit of romance,” will help customers find the perfect gift or party outfit on the company’s website. These can be pinned, shared and shopped through all of Topshop’s digital worlds, with top pinned products being featured on the brands home page every day. In addition, giant touch screens and products with a Pinterest CTA in the flagship London and NYC stores will allow customers to pin, share and shop while in store. Other stores have dedicated staff armed with iPads who can walk customers through all the elements of the campaign.

Conan O’Brien Cracks Top 100 LinkedIn Influencers List
Conan O’Brien’s plan to take over LinkedIn is going well for the comedian. In September he realized that his social media empire was in fact missing a LinkedIn presence. He set about to rectify that issue by creating a profile complete with job descriptions as “lighting designer” at Applebees and listing “Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role” under his honors and awards. The profile amassed more than 70,000 followers and O’Brien is now listed as a “LinkedIn Top Influencer.’ But that’s not enough for O’Brien who wants even more followers. He’s asking fans to connect with him so he can continue to climb the influencer ranks. Check out his plea here.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Debuts Reusable Gift Card
This week, Facebook introduced a reusable gift card that people can give to friends through the Gifts program for use at four partner companies: Target, Jamba Juice, Olive Garden and Sephora. After receiving a Facebook Card in the mail, subsequent card gifts will be automatically added to the balance for one or more of the participating stores. People can see gift balances in their account settings on Facebook in mobile or on the desktop.

Twitter Rolls Out Updates for Viewing Photos and Videos
Twitter announced several enhancements to the platform to make it easier to view photos and videos. Users can now click a photo from a profile page or in search results to see a larger photo without leaving the page. Media galleries now include videos from Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and other Twitter partners. Also, Tweet pages now let you see more of the conversation related to a Tweet.

Pinterest Introduces ‘News’ Feature to Improve Content Discovery

In place of Pinterest’s activity feed, the company has installed a new tool called “News.” The feed displays boards where you recent pins have been repined, creating a feed of potentially relevant content that users can peruse from their own profiles or those of others. Pinterest is also testing out a new look, aiming to make navigation more intuitive. More on this here.

Foursquare Launches Dedicated iPhone App for Businesses

Foursquare has just launched Foursquare for Business, an app specifically designed for business managers. The new app allows managers to post local updates, view recent visitors and their tips, deactivate/activate specials and track analytics.

YouTube Set To Introduce Paid Subscriptions This Spring
YouTube is prepping to launch paid subscriptions for individual channels on its video platform in its latest attempt to lure content producers, eyeballs and advertiser dollars away from TV. YouTube has reached out to a small group of channel producers and asked them to submit applications to create channels that users would have to pay to access. The first paid channels will cost between $1 and $5 per month. YouTube is also considering charging for content libraries and access to live events, a la pay-per-view, as well as self-help or financial advice shows.

Global Social Media

French Twitter Users are Saying “Au Revoir” to the Word ‘Hashtag’
In an effort to protect the French language from Anglicism’s, the word ‘hashtag’ will be replaced with ‘mot-diese,’ meaning “sharp word,” in English. The change comes from a French government agency  responsible for promoting the French language.

Twitter is Now the Fastest-Growing Social Platform on the Planet
New research suggests that Twitter is now the fastest growing platform on the planet, beating Facebook and Google+ for the top spot. The number of active users on the microblog grew 40% from the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2012 – equal to 288 million monthly active users. Overall, 21% of the worldwide Internet population now actively uses Twitter on a monthly basis.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Super Bowl Ads That Enlist Viewer Help
Advertisers are finding new ways to get viewers into the game during Super Bowl XLVII, which airs on CBS on Sunday. Some campaigns that enlist viewer help include: Coca-Cola’s ‘The Chase’ (highlighted in last week’s Headlines)  asks viewers to vote on the commercial outcome;  Pepsi’s Halftime Show (also highlighted in a previous Headlines) asks viewers to upload photos to be featured in a video announcing Beyonce; Toyota  asked users to submit photos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #wishgranted to win a spot on their upcoming Super Bowl ad;  Lincoln  enlisted the help of Jimmy Fallon to crowdsource road trip stores from Twitter for the commercial storyline; and Audi let users choose one of three possible endings for its Game Day spot through an online vote.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

In the News

YouTube Goes Global With 60 More Original Channels
YouTube just announced 60 more original channels, backed by a $200-million investment. The next round is focused on foreign TV formats and properties, but also includes channels that are from current partners like Vice and Everyday Health. YouTube now claims that its top 25 original channels average over 1 million views per week, and that 800 million viewers watch 4 billion hours every month. The number of YouTube subscribers has also doubled since 2011, and YouTube partners are reaching the 100k subscriber mark five times faster than they did in 2011. The new channels will be backed by “some of the biggest producers, well-known celebrities and emerging media companies from Europe and the U.S.”

Facebook Rolls Out “Want-able” Pics of Products In The News Feed
Facebook is catering to the Pinterest trend by offering some brands the option to post photos with actions including “want,” “collect,” and of course “like.” Products within a collection will also have a Buy link, sending people offsite to purchase. Facebook is working with Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn, Michael Kors, Wayfair, Neiman Marcus, Fab.com and Smith Optics on the effort that it calls “Collections.” As a user, you won’t see the photos unless you or one of your friends have “liked” one of them. The images are designed to be discovered in the news feed, and people will be able to engage with these collections and share things they are interested in with their friends. Users can also click through and buy the items via Facebook.  Facebook does not get a cut of the transactions.

eBay Revamps Site To Look Like Pinterest
eBay launched a revamped site this week that adds a “feed” of products users may be interested in, showing them in a Pinterest-style layout. It’s part of their strategy to better engage users and offer sellers more effective ways to reach them.  Leveraging your purchase and search history, eBay creates a feed of products that are for sale on the site that it thinks might interest you, putting them in an overscroll. You can tailor your feed to include specific types of items or even specific profiles of sellers. eBay now has more than 100 million active users, 25 million of whom are sellers, and manages $70 billion worth of transactions every year. More than half of its revenue comes from outside of the U.S. In addition to the site revamp, the site just launched eBay Lifestyle Deals to take on Groupon. More on that here.

YouTube InVideo Programming Lets You Add A Logo To Your Videos
YouTube has recently rolled out an update to a new feature known as “InVideo Programming.” This feature lets you add a branded logo, or video across all your YouTube videos. Doing this is very simple – click on settings, “InVideo Programming,” and follow the steps to add a logo, image, or watermark to your existing videos. The image will be displayed in the corner of each video. You can also select to feature a single video across all other videos in order to drive more views to a specific piece of content.

Global Social Media

How Facebook Will Find Its Next Billion Users
Facebook crossed the billion-user threshold last week, but where it will find its next billion fans it a tough question, especially because the world’s largest internet market – China, is still closed to the social network.  Facebook’s mature markets are saturated. In the U.S. for example, 61% of the 65+ population visited Facebook in August, while 87.3% of the 18-24 year old set did. For Facebook, Japan qualifies as an emerging market, as does South Korea. Just 27.6% of each country’s internet users are active on the platform. In Russia, where collective traffic to native competitors VKontakte and Odnoklassniki exceeds Facebook’s by a factor of 10, the company is being upfront about its aspirations. CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent last week in Moscow to try and made headway here. While it might appear that Facebook has conquered markets like Brazil and the Philippines, millions more are likely to come online there in the next several years.  Advertising may plan a part in recruiting the next billion users. Facebook revealed its first brand ad last week, which it plans to distribute in 13 markets: U.S., UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Brazil, Japan and Russia.

Kickstarter Expands To The UK
Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced this week that it is expanding its services to the UK. The site will begin posting UK-based projects starting on October 31, but creators across the Atlantic can start building their pages immediately. Kickstarter also said they would not be creating a separate UK page. All campaigns will be hosted on the same site and the fees the company collects will remain the same in terms of percentages.

Vimeo Launches Spanish Language Version; Other Languages To Follow
Video sharing site Vimeo, has launched in Spanish and will expand into other native languages, according to Kerry Trainor, Vimeo’s CEO. Vimeo currently gets two-thirds of its traffic from outside of the U.S.  Watch the video interview with Kerry Trainor here.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Old Navy Creates a Human Coupon To Celebrate 5 Million Facebook Fans
Old Navy hit 5 million fans on Facebook, and decided to celebrate by posting a coupon for 30% off. But this wasn’t just any coupon. The retail brand created a 120 ft-by-60 ft. “human coupon” using hundreds of people, including Facebook fans. The coupon includes a bar code made up of 88 placards that is readable by in-store scanners. Check out the video here. Download the coupon here.

Ralph Lauren Trades Dollars for Tumblr Likes In Charity Campaign
In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ralph Lauren is donating $1 (up to $25k) to its Pink Pony Fund for every like and reblog it receives on one of its Tumblr posts. The posts features an animated graphic that reads “Pink Pony: Join the Fight Against Cancer.” It was posted late Thursday morning and has already received more than 500 notes.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

In the News

Facebook Rolls Out Gift Giving Feature
Facebook is rolling out a gift-giving feature which users can buy and send items to friends. The gift service will have hundreds of options with more added daily from partners including Starbucks and 1-800-Flowers. Facebook will share an undisclosed percentage of revenue with partners.

Facebook Begins Eliminating Fake Likes
This week Facebook began weeding out “likes” caused by compromised accounts, deceived users and malware or purchased bulk likes. Less than 1% of “likes” on a page would be removed, “providing they and their affiliates have been abiding by our terms,” Facebook stated. Among pages with the most total “likes,” Texas Holdem Poker saw a loss of more than 96k “likes,” Rihanna lost 28,000, Shakira lost 26,000, Lady Gaga dropped 34,000, and Farmville lost 45,000.

Create a Mini Store Out of Pins on Pinterest
ShopInterest turns Pinterest boards into mini-shops, so instead of clicking through to the website where the product can be found, people can buy it directly from the Pinterest page. The new e-commerce platform is great for independent sellers, helping them create a fully-featured online store to generate sales from their followers. To start a store, users need to sign in and select boards where their products are. They then can add a description, prices, shipping charges, and the payment method they’d like to accept. ShopInterest handles the rest. Check out the video here to see how it works.

GetGlue Redesigns Site To Be a Personalized Viewing Guide
Social entertainment platform, GetGlue this week revealed its redesigned website, which transforms GetGlue.com from just a check-in service to a personalized viewing guide for TV, movies and sports. Unlike other TV guides often presented in grid format, the revamped GetGlue.com shows your guide as a scrolling list prioritized by what’s on right now with labels for recommendations and new content. The guide also integrates friends’ “likes” and check-ins. GetGlue uses your check-ins to personalize the guide.

Tweets Will Be Downloadable By The End Of The Year
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced a the Online News Association conference that users will soon have the ability to download their tweets. Many Twitter users have been asking for the ability to download a record of their tweets without taking the time to copy and paste everything. It appears they will now get their wish as soon as by the end of this year.

MySpace Redesigns Site
MySpace revealed this week a video that teases the future of the once wildly popular social network, now that Justin Timberlake and others have steered it in a new direction. According to the company, the fan and entertainment-focused service is being rebuilt “entirely from scratch.” As you can see in the teaser here, MySpace is debuting a media-focused social network which emphasizes imagery, a static footer navigation bar with a built in music player and a left-to-right timeline of posts. There is no official launch date for the new services as of yet. Request an invite here.

Facebook Now Tracks Consumer Retail Purchases
Facebook is working with a data mining firm to show marketers that consumers who see ads on the social network actually buy advertised products. The company purchased data on 70 million U.S. households from Datalogix, which culls information from loyalty cards and programs for more than 1,000 retailers.  Datalogix matches emails and data associated with loyalty cards and programs with emails and information required to set up a Facebook account. Using this information, the company can say whether or not a consumer purchased an item after seeing it advertised on Facebook. Datalogix and Facebook have tracked 45 campaigns. In 70% of those campaigns, a dollar spent on Facebook resulted in $3 in sales. This news comes after Facebook last month started allowing marketers to match user email addresses and phone numbers with their own data profiles. The change means that brands can now target users on Facebook even if those consumers haven’t “liked” the brand.

LinkedIn Launches “Endorsements”
LinkedIn this week announced Endorsements, a new feature that allows you to recognize professions for their expertise. Endorsements has launched in English across the U.S., India, New Zealand and Australia. LinkedIn plans to expand Endorsements for all languages and all members “over the next few weeks.” It takes just one click to endorse your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet. Think of LinkedIn Endorsements as “Facebook Likes for Professionals.”

Always Keep Tabs On Your Friends With New Foursquare Notifications
Foursquare has unveiled updated notifications this week that lets users keep tabs on their friends no matter where they go. With the new settings, users can opt to “always” receive notifications when family or close friends check-in somewhere “even when they are not nearby or you have all check-in notifications turned off.” The notifications will allow you to keep up with globe-trekking friends when they are backpacking abroad or to see if they’ve arrived safely at the airport for example.

Global Social Media

Brazil Orders the Arrest of Google’s President of Operations
The president of Google’s Brazil Operations, Fabio Jose Silva Coelho, was arrested after failing to remove YouTube videos that reportedly attacked a mayoral candidate. It’s not the first of Google’s legal concerns in Brazil. The company has been battling government restrictions for months. Brazil has led the charge when it comes to removal requests for content provided by Google. The company had previously reported that it had a total of 669 removal requests from Brazil, with the majority of them being attributed to the Google’s refusal to give up blogger identities.

8 in 10 British Internet Users Are Active on Social Media, with 68% on Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social media site in the UK, with 68% of internet users being active on the site, followed by Twitter (28%) and LinkedIn (26%). A recent study found that the increasing number of smartphones worldwide is leading to an increase in social media use; with 66% of smartphone users active on social media daily, as opposed to 48% of people without a smartphone.  It was also found that 5% of internet users in the UK use Pinterest and Instagram.

Salamworld, Social Network for Muslims, Launches
In order to provide a social media environment that is sensitive to Muslim sensibilities, a group of Turkish, Russian and Central Asian businessmen have funded a new social network for Muslims called Salamworld.  The site is said to be like Facebook, but with more attention paid to “core Muslim values.” There are 250 million Muslim Facebook users, and the founders of the site believe that there is no halal (Islam-compliant) alternative.  In addition to the Facebook-like features, Salamworld will offer advice from Muslim clerics, a virtual religious library, city guides, and Muslim news. The founders hope to attract 50 million users in the next five years.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Print Ad For The CW To Feature Tiny Screen With Live Twitter Feed
The promote its fall TV lineup and take advantage of the social nature of viewers, CW is using a new kind of insert within Entertainment Weekly. The October 5 edition of the magazine will feature an ad with a small LCD screen that will display a video preview of new shows and a live Twitter feed of the last six tweets from @CW_Network. An in-house social media team managing the feed will delete any content that includes profanity or other unacceptable language, but negative comments about CW shows won’t be edited out.

Oreo Creates Their Version of the Daily Google Doodle Using Cookie Icing
From celebrating Gay Pride on June 25 with a multi-colored Oreo, memorializing Curiosity’s landing on Mars with red tire treads on August 5th, and even marking the start of Shark Week with a bitten Cookie on August 12th, Oreo has created a playful, relevant ad each day for nearly 100 days. The campaign is dubbed “The Daily Twist,” and was launched in honor of Oreo’s 100th Birthday Celebration. The campaign will end on October 2, with a live, crowd-sourced ‘twist.’ Oreo will set up a ‘temporary ad agency’ in Times Square, and will take suggestions for the last ad from Facebook and Twitter fans. The suggestions will be narrowed down to eight and opened up to a public vote via Facebook as well as broadcast via a Times Square billboard. The winning idea (Oreo’s 100th Daily Twist) will be unveiled at 2pm. Check out the gallery of ‘Twists’ here.

In London, Kellogg’s Swaps Snacks for Tweets to #tweetshop
Kellogg is bridging the gap between social currency and real-life money by letting customers at a central London pop-up store, pay for Special K Cracker Crisps with a tweet. Allowing consumers to spend their social currency isn’t just a good gimmick, it’s an illustration of the value that Twitter holds in the real world. The twittersphere has been active, not only with tweets from customers claiming their free snacks in-store, but with people spreading the word about the novel idea of products for tweets. The pop-up store is open for four days in Soho and is selling only Special K Cracker Crisps. A live community board that displays #tweetshop tweets as they happen is featured in the store. Kellogg isn’t the only brand to try this tactic. In South Africa this summer, a Cape Town vending machine was set up to deliver free BOS iced team when it received a tweet with the hashtag #tweet4t.