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SMWNYC 2015: “The Future of Social Data”

Written by: Hannah Redmond
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One of my favorite parts of working in social media is identifying insights via social listening data to help our clients drive real business decisions that will help propel their brands toward their goals.

Last week, I attended a session called “Using Social Listening in Business” at Social Media Week NYC, hosted by the CMO of Brandwatch, Will McInnes. He made some solid predictions as he discussed the future of social data, which I found to be both very interesting and also parallel to the way we’re thinking about data within our agency. It was a great session to sit in as we’re constantly looking for ways to optimize our social listening strategies and tactics for our clients.


McInnes summed up the future of social data into four categories:

  • Predictive: We are getting closer to predicting what will happen to consumer behavior, business, or to content based on the data from the past. How will we get even better at it?
  • Blended: How can we better blend multiple sources of data and research from a business and various sources to help get us closer to real predictions and successes?
  • Physical: How do we get all of the amazing data we’re finding in the social space to the front lines of a business?
  • Visual: How can we better and more accurately measure visual user content that may not have keyword branding and is harder to track?

The two ideas I found the most interesting were “Blended” and “Physical.”

The “Blended “ idea makes a lot of sense. As social media becomes more understood in organizations, it becomes an integral part in key brand activations and campaigns. This is resulting in a spike in curiosity about measurement within these organizations, whose marketers are now asking questions about the data and how we can use it more than ever before. The social listening and measurement tools we now have access to provide us with amazing data that can help guide business decisions on their own – but layer that onto sales data, CRM systems, web site and behavioral analytics, search trends, seasonality, and you have a much better picture of the insights. The reality is, this type of collaboration will take buy-in from a variety of stakeholders in an organization, but the ones who do it first will have an edge on the rest.

The “Physical” point also really struck me. As social media strategists, we often are not in the picture when insights found in social data are filtered back out to the physical space (if they are at all). We may help shape recommendations and decks – but they usually are specific to content. McInnes makes the point that the future of social data will include much more than strategic content marketing recommendations based on social, which can create changes in the physical way a business is run, by effecting change in-store, on packaging, in sales messaging, and more.

Overall, a key thing to think about here is expanding social insights and learnings beyond just the digital space.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Pinterest First Ads Go Live
Last month, Pinterest announced its plans to begin experimenting with its first paid advertising product, Promoted Pins. The first of those advertisements went live for some users this week. Promoted Pins operate much like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Facebook’s Promoted ad products. Businesses will pay to show certain pins at the top of search results and category feeds. Ads will be contextual – a search for Halloween might produce an ad from an online costume shop.

Facebook Launches New Version of Insights
This week, Facebook released a new version of Page Insights. The tool’s newest version breaks down engagement and metrics into individual tabs, such as check-ins, likes and the number of people engaged. Managers can also compare these metrics to previous weeks or months to better understand how engagement on their brand page is changing. The update also lets managers view positive and negative interactions side-by-side to determine what content is working well with visitors.

Comcast Subscribers Can Soon Watch TV via Twitter

NBCUniversal and Comcast announced that they have entered into a partnership with Twitter that will let “millions” of Xfiniity TV customers view TV shows and movies via tweets through a new feature called See It. See It will be integrated into a show’s tweet, so that with the click of a button, a user can change the channel on their TVs right away, record a show or even watch the show on their mobile device. The See It button will start showing up in tweets later this year, and will let customers tune into shows online or from set top boxes, set their DVRs and even buy tickets through Fandango.

Snapchat Launches Stories
Stories, Snapchat’s latest invention, is a rolling compilation of snaps from the last 24-hours that your friends can see. You create your Story as you go about your day by tapping “My Story” above the friends you want to send a snap to. But unlike conventional snaps, Stories don’t disappear after you’ve watched them. You can watch a friend’s (or your own) Story over and over. Each Story is the sum of all the snaps that you’ve added over the last 24 hours.

Facebook Simplifies Ad Buying
This week, Facebook unveiled a major overhaul to its basic ad-buying platform, Ads Manager, and its more sophisticated offering, Power Editor, both of which now have a more streamlined interface. The platform now starts by asking advertisers to identify their objectives (sales conversion on a website, increase in mobile app downloads, increase page likes, increase engagement with a FB app, boosting in-store offer, RSVP’s to a Facebook Event, etc.). Once the objective has been identified, Facebook guides advertisers to the most appropriate ad. Users can also now upload multiple images for a single campaign, allowing five different ads to run at once. As part of the new analytics dashboard, they will be able to quickly assess which images are performing best.

Global Social Media

India May Have 91 Million Social Media Users By Year-End
The number of social media users are expected to grow 17% to reach 91 million in urban India by December 2013, on the back of rising Internet penetration due to increasingly affordable smartphones and availability of cost effective data plans. The number of social media users in urban India reached 78 million in June. Facebook is the leading website there, accessed by 96% of all users in the country.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Fruit of the Loom and LinkedIn Team Up For Ad Campaign
Global underwear company Fruit of The Loom will be sending free pairs of cotton underwear to LinkedIn users who have gotten jobs or changed jobs within the last 30 days. This is for the company’s “Fresh Gigs” promotion, which is part of their “Start Happy”campaign.  Eligible LInkedIn users will receive a message that says the company is sending them a complimentary pair of underwear to help kickstart their workday at their “new gig.” The recipients will also be able to select the style and size of their free underwear. They will also be asked if they would like to share the promotion on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The free pair of undies arrive in a gift box after two weeks.

Win Eminem Tickets Using Waze
Waze and Eminem are giving away an all-expenses paid trip for two to a secret location concert as long as you use the app and follow the clues. Although no deadline was announced, beginning immediately Waze users can look for “Shady” and “Gold Shady” pins marked with Shady’s backwards “E.” When tapped, these pins bring users to a sweepstakes URL where they can enter to win Beats by Dre Pill portable speakers and all-expenses paid trip to an Eminem secret-location show.

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Facebook Insights Get a Makeover
Facebook Insights is changing. A small, random group of beta testers got access to the new desktop design this week. A broader rollout is coming soon at an unspecified date. The new design is simpler, cleaner and more intelligible. Stats like “People Talking About This,” have been broken into separate charts that allow Page owners to individually measure the reach and engagement of individual posts. Additional charts make it easier for users to see what kinds of posts have better reach or positive engagement than others. Owners can now break down demographic behavior to see if their Pages, for example, are better at engaging women ages 18-24 or men older than 65.

LinkedIn Unveils New Updates
LinkedIn unveiled two new updates this week that give users a more personalized home page. Called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates,” and “You Recently Visited,” the features are intended to provide users with more personalized insights on activities and engagement across the platform. “Who’s Viewed” is a snapshot of what a user has shared over the past two weeks. It also indicates who has seen the content. “You Recently Visited” indicates recent profiles that a user has viewed, searched or conducted discussions about.

FTC Warns Search Engines About Paid Ads
Search engines are increasingly blurring the differences between paid ads and organic listings, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Letters warning search engines that they need to clearly differentiate sponsored ads from organic results, were sent to dozens of companies including Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo this week.

Facebook Developing Social Reader to Rival Flipboard
Facebook is working on a Flipboard-like social reader that will allow users to aggregate and read news stories from a range of sources. The project has been ongoing for a year. There has been no announcement about its release date.

Global Social Media

Turkey Hints a Twitter Censorship
The Turkish government is heading towards a showdown with Twitter after asking it to set up a “representative office” inside the country. The move could presage a censorship of the microblogging service it has accused of helping stir weeks of anti-administration protests.

Facebook Now Has 9 Million Users in Pakistan
Facebook is quickly growing in Pakistan. The social network just broke the 9 million user mark – an especially impressive feat considering it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. One million users in half a year suggests that Facebook could cross the 10 million threshold before 2014. For more on Facebook users in Pakistan – check out this infographic.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Amnesty International Campaign Finds Facebook Users Guilty of Crimes Based on Social Activity
Amnesty International’s New Zealand branch has an online tool that scans your Facebook Timeline and looks at how the freedom of your lifestyle measures up globally. As New Zealand was named one of the freest countries on earth, ‘Trial By Timeline,’ highlights what it might be like to be punished for attempting a quality of life that some take for granted.  The tool pulls out likes, words and updates you’ve posted that could have you arrested, tortured, fined or even sentenced to death in other parts of the world. Try it out here.