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Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

LinkedIn Redesigns Group pages
LinkedIn’s group pages are getting an overhaul, bringing them into line with its redesigned profile and company pages. That means a more streamlined look, with an oversized image at the top above the group’s stream of updates. The right column features “top influencers” in a given group. It also shows a snapshot of the latest activity. LinkedIn says there are 2 million groups, with 8,000 new ones added each week.

LinkedIn Launches University Pages
LinkedIn recently launched University Pages, which allow students to tap into the network at the school they are considering, ask current students and alumni questions and explore the career path of graduates from the University for an idea of what to expect after they get their degree. LinkedIn has also opened the platform for students 14 and up, allowing them to interact with these new pages to get a head start on networking.

Google Reportedly in Talks with the NFL to Show Games on YouTube
Top execs from Google and YouTube met with the NFL this week to discuss the possibility of picking up the Sunday Ticket package, which broadcasts games not being show in the local market.

Spotify in Talks with Brands to Create Twitter-Like Follow Feature
Spotify is in talks with brands to beta-test a “follow” feature so that marketers can push content like branded playlists to the music-streaming service’s users. The feature would be the Spotify equivalent of a Facebook Page or Twitter account.

iTunes Radio to Debut in September With McDonald’s, Nissan, P&G and Pepsi
iTunes Radio, Apple’s answer to Pandora, is set to debut next month with a handful of high-profile brand partners including McDonald’s, Nissan, Pepsi, and P&G. The deals range from the high single-digit millions of dollars to tens of millions of dollars and include a 12-month advertising campaign to run with the streaming music service for each of the participating brands. In addition to being a part of the publicity that comes with the highly-anticipated Apple product launch, the partners also get exclusivity within their respective industries through the end of 2013. Come January 2014, however, ads on iTunes Radio will become widely available, for the $1 million minimum buy.

Global Social Media

Internet Population in India Hits 74 Million – 3rd Largest in the World
India with 73.9 million internet users is the world’s third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the U.S. Rising numbers of mobile audiences, devices and consumption habits reveal that consumers are being more platform agnostic in their digital media consumption and switch devices to stay up to date on email, news, and social media.

Noteworthy Campaigns

J.Crew Debuts Catalogue on Pinterest
J.Crew’s at-home catalogue subscribers won’t be the first to get a glimpse at the brand’s September issue: That honor will fall for the first time to J.Crew’s Pinterest followers. J.Crew claims it is the first to debut its catalogue on the platform. In addition to the Pinterest promotion, J.Crew has a number of other digital initiatives planned including a short online film series on monogramming, an Instagram feature on the company’s in-store Style Sessions, and a Tumblr Fashion Week diary.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week.

Buzz-worthy Numbers

  • Google processes 100 billion searches a month
  • 50 Billion apps have been downloaded from the iTunes app store
  • 75% of smartphones shipped in Q1 2013 use Android
  • 100 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute
  • Mobile traffic in 2012 was 12X all internet traffic in the year 2000.

Our Math: Visitors on Tumblr Worth $47 Each

Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 billion is one of the biggest purchases of a social networking site since Facebook acquired Instagram for about $1 billion. Yahoo, which still has one of the most visited home pages on the Internet, has struggled to keep up with the rise of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. By acquiring Tumblr, Yahoo will position itself to compete in a marketplace with an increased emphasis on social networks.

  • Based on the Traffic listing from compete.com, Tumblr receives 23.2MM site visitors a month; equating to a value of $47 / unique visitor

Brand Influence on Purchase Decisions Increase with Income Level

Retail incentive marketing company Parago published their annual Shopper Behavior Study for 2013 and here are some of the things they found:

  • Price sensitivity is up 75% across all income levels
  • Price is 3X more influential on purchase decision than any other criteria
  • 58% participate in social media content to receive exclusive rebates
  • 8 in 10 people:
    • Look for deals before they Shop
    • Will drive 10 minutes out of their way for a $10 rebate
    • Want rebates online and in-store

Source: Parago

Shopper Marketing Stats: The Death of Retail is Highly Exaggerated

A new study conducted by Nielsen shows that 77% of smartphone users who make a purchase after looking up retail-related information on their device buy in-store.

  • 2 in 3 Americans prefer to shop in a store rather than online, Link
    • 2 in 3 respondents would be more likely to shop in a store where they receive personal suggestions while shopping (such as nearby deals they might be interested in), and 86% are more likely to shop in-store rather than online if there are in-store only sales prices.
    • 3 in 4 respondents would rather receive personalized coupons (such as those based on their purchases) than generic coupons.
    • 3 in 4 say they typically make more purchases in a store if they’re in a good mood.
    • The least favorite aspects of in-store shopping are dealing with crowds and waiting in the checkout, cited by 74% and 73% of respondents, respectively, as among their top 3 least favorite aspects.
    • 62% would find the checkout process more enjoyable if they received personalized coupons based on their purchases.

War Casualty Stats

Usually we reserve this section for Fun Stats. Well, in honor of Memorial Weekend here in the US, we’ve decided to take the fun out and remind ourselves that the price of conflict goes far beyond money.

WAR/CONFLICT                                                         TOTAL DEATHS
Revolutionary War   1775 – 1783                                4,435
Franco-American Naval War    1798 – 1800               20
War of 1812      1812 – 1815                                       2,260
Spanish – American War  1898 – 1899                       2,446
World War I     1917 – 1918                                         116,516
World War II    1941 – 1946                                        405,399
Korean War    1950 – 1953                                          36,574
Cuba Bay of Pigs    1962 – 1962                                 9
Vietnam     1965 – 1975                                               58,209
Persian Gulf War     1990 – 1991                                  382
Kosovo     1999 – 1999                                                1
Operation Endure Freedom – Afghanistan ’01             1,745
Operation Iraqi Freedom     2003 – 2010                      4,420
Operation New Dawn     2010                                       66

Headlines & Stuff

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Instagram Launches Profile Badges
Instagram just launched Instagram badges, an easy way to help users promote and share their Instagram profiles across the web. Instagram badges are similar to buttons offered by Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. To get an Instagram badge click here.

Facebook Gifts Adds iTunes
Facebook Gifts has a big new retail partner: Apple. The social network has added the ability for people to send iTunes digital gifts through its own gifting service. Through the partnership, Facebook users can recommend albums, movies, games, apps, and iTunes credits in denominations of $10, $15, $25, or $50.

Pinterest Kicks Off 30 Days of Holiday Inspiration
Pinterest is getting into the holiday spirit this year with a new project, dubbed 30 Days of Pinspiration. The site will unveil a series of holiday boards each day through the New Year. The effort began with Katie Couric, Dale Partridge, Second Harvest, Anthropologie, Budget Savvy Diva, Babble and Parents Magazine. The campaign will continue until January 4 and will feature people, non-profits and organizations including the NBA, Jordan Ferney, Paula Deen, the U.S. Marine Corps and Starbucks. It will remain a mystery as to who is featured on what day – though you can get hints by hovering over the calendar here.

YouTube Now Lets You Link Your Channel With Google+
Google announced even more Google+ integration for YouTube that allows you to link your channel with a Google+ profile and still keep your channel name. Although the company is pushing out the prompt to all its users, if you want to opt in now, you can do so in your YouTube account settings.  You can still keep your channel name, or opt to change it to the Google+ name.


Global Social Media

Google Launches “Defend Your Net” Campaign in Germany
In its latest effort to bring attention to government action it considers threatening to the open web, Google is warning German citizens and lawmakers of the potential dangers posed by copyright changes being considered in Germany’s parliament. The campaign and petition is called Verteidige Dein Netz, German for “Defend Your Net.” The target is a proposed law that would allow German publishers to charge Google for short excerpts seen on sites such as Google News or remove content from the search engine entirely.  Germany isn’t the first country to propose such a change. France recently had a similar spat with Google, demanding that the company pay French publishers for content. In Brazil, approximately 90% of newspapers pulled their content from Google News with similar complaints.


Noteworthy Campaigns

Sugar Brand Launches Racy Craigslist Personal Campaign
All natural sweetener company In The Raw has introduced fake Craigslist personals that direct people to its ‘racy’ food photography app for sharing pixelated images of mouthwatering culinary creations. Visitors to the website can view and post titillating food photos using In The Raw’s ‘Au Natural’ Facebook app, which gives foodies “all-access to the hottest action on the web.” They can use the tool to pixelate or blur images, then upload them to the gallery, where others can click to reveal the full-frontal food photos. Check out the campaign here.

Dunkin’ Sweeps Leverages Twitter Profile Redesign
Dunkin’ Donuts has redesigned its Twitter brand profile – and has launched a sweeps that leverages the new profile’s interactive capabilities. Through December 3, fans can share their favorite seasonal Dunkin’ coffee flavors for chances to win one of three daily $50 mGifts. Fans vote/enter by tweeting one of three hashtags (#DDWhiteChocolate, #DDPeppermintMocha, #DDGingerbread), along with the hashtag #entry. As fans vote, images of coffee cups with corresponding flavors will fill up in real time, allowing fans to track how flavors are trending.

Michael Jackson Death Completely Overwhelms Media

Written by: Christy Wise
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The breaking news of Michael Jackson’s sudden death nearly two weeks ago dramatically slowed the internet, crippled Google, crashed Twitter, sent iTunes and BitTorrent downloads skyrocketing and made for a huge portion of TV news and radio airplay, according to The Nielsen Company, Billboard and a number of other analysts that tracked coverage of the event.

An Online Outpouring

Nielsen reported that Jackson-related news dominated web discussion on June 25, causing huge spikes in traffic and overwhelming social networks with bursts of information and updates from millions of users.

In comparison, the high volume of blog discussions about Jackson made recent buzz around the swine flu scare and President Obama’s inauguration seem paltry and insignificant. Continue reading