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Here are some cool things we read about this past week:

Instagram’s New Feature Lets Brands ‘Tag’ Consumers in Photo Stream
There’s still no advertising on Instagram, but a new photo-tagging feature offers marketers new tricks to vie for users’ attention. Dubbed “Photos of You,” the feature lets you tag other Instagram users, whether they’re people or brands, directly in photos. In functions similarly to photo tagging on Facebook, Instagram users who wanted to link another user to their photo would take the Twitter-like approach of @ – mentioning them in the attached text. They key difference is that tagging will now create an archive of photos that can be viewed by any user’s profile – provided they’ve granted permission for them to appear there. For brands who are on Instagram, the new feature could help drive follower counts and foster more personal connections with fans. For example, Nike could tag photos with sponsored athletes like LeBron James, which could increase  their user engagement.  Instagram has 100 million active users per month.

LinkedIn Lets You Illustrate Your Talents With Pics & Video
LinkedIn added the ability to showcase users’ talents in a whole new way this week: pictures and video. Now, LinkedIn users can add visual content to their profile Pages, giving more depth to the written content already displayed. For instance, a photographer might choose to include several of her best photos, a copywriter might upload a video of the ad he wrote for last year’s Super Bowl. Architects can upload the blueprints for a building they designed, and musicians can upload videos of past performances.

Nielsen Launches Digital Ratings to Measure TV Viewers
Expanding its metrics services on the Internet, Nielsen now has announced a pilot effort for TV/video “program” content — called Nielsen Digital Program Ratings. A number of TV networks and media companies have signed — A&E, ABC, AOL, CBS, the CW, Discovery, Fox, NBC and Univision — to participate in the online trial which will begin in May and go through July. Nielsen says the effort will use the same methodology of its anticipated Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. Nielsen says Digital Program Ratings will provide similar overnight audience data, including unique audience, stream counts and reach by age and gender for TV programming viewed online.  The two metrics – Nielsen Digital Program Ratings and Nielsen  Online Campaign Ratins will povied a more holistic view of the online and TV audience for both programming and advertising. Both services will combine ‘traditional Nielsen TV and online panel data with aggregated anonymous demographic information from participating online data providers, including Facebook.”

Twitter Advertising Now Open to All U.S. Users
This week, Twitter opened up its advertising options to all U.S users. The company had previously made advertising to the platform invite-only.

Global Social Media

Facebook Rolls Out Promoted Pages Globally
Facebook has rolled out its Promoted Page Likes platform to a global audience, following a successful trial run in the U.S. Promoted Page Likes provide marketers with an easier way to run ads that will promote their Pages. Whilst similar features have been available on the social network, this new addition is set to boost newer brands looking to build the number of likes they have at the start of a campaign.

Noteworthy Campaigns

Budweiser Lets You Make Facebook Friends with the Clink of Your Pint
Budweiser Brazil is changing up the way we connect with each other through the “Buddy Cup.” The cups are embedded with a chip that when clinked together, the two drinkers become friends on Facebook. The cups will be used during Budweiser events. Check out the cup in action here.

Victoria’s Secret Strengthen’s Loyalty Program Via Timely Instagram Contest

Victoria’s Secret is building its loyalty program with a new mobile photo sharing contest that rewards consumers with shopping sprees for creative pictures. The retailer has launched a four-week campaign that encourages consumers to snap pictures that represent the brand on Instagram and through their own mobile application. The initiative targets Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation loyalty program members.  Each week of the campaign, consumers are encouraged to take a photo of a letter from the word “pink.” Consumers can take their photos with Instagram and tag it with the appropriate hashtag (I..e #GimmeP). VS will judge entries based on creativity, photo quality, originality and consistency with the brand image. Four winners will be chosen each week for a total of 16. Each winner will receive $500 to shop Victoria’s Secret Pink.