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Stats of the Week

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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape. Here are some of our favorites from this past week:

Online Retail
Retailers’ social media status updates also drive fans to make unplanned purchases, or to spend more than they had planned, as data from “A Tectonic Shift in Shopping Behavior” reveals.

  • 22% of those who follow retailers through social media report having been influenced to make an unplanned purchase
  • 15% report having spent more than they planned.

Shopping apps were nearly as effective, driving

  • 21% of users to unplanned purchases
  • 15% to spend more than they had planned

Source: Ryan Partnership

The Pinterest user base is remarkably similar to the overall US internet population in terms of its age demographics, according to a September 2012 study from Compete. 66% of Pinterest users are aged 35 and older, compared to 64% of the US internet audience, and a plurality of both Pinterest (22%) and domestic internet users (21%) are aged 35-44.

Pinterest Age Estimates

  • Average Age – 40.1
  • Roughly 2 in 3 pinterest users are 35+
  • Average Dwell under 2 min

Source: Social Network Demographics

Pinterest vs. Tumblr

  • Pinterest is about to surpass (Roughly 1.16 MM monthly uniques)

Source: Compete

Social Traffic Infographic
Shoppers who arrive at online retail sites by way of Pinterest spend $168.83 on average, compared to $94.70 for Facebook and $70.84 for Twitter, according to a study released in September 2012 by RichRelevance.  These findings appear to contrast with data released in July 2012 by Jirafe, reported by Forbes. According to that study, which examined the behavior of 89 million online shoppers who visited Jirafe’s clients’ 5,000 online stores in the past year

Fun Stats:

  • Bin Laden’s death was announced on 1st May 2011. Hitler’s death was announced on 1st May 1945.
  • J.K. Rowling chose the unusual name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!
  • Hewlett-Packard’s name was decided in a coin toss.

Source:  www.thefactsite.com