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Expert Series: Influencer Marketing – Blogger Tips Pt. 2

Written by: Allie Wester
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The following is part of our ongoing Expert Series and features Allie Wester, Fanscape’s head of Influencer and Blogger Outreach marketing.

I recently spoke at Freutcamp, a 2-day creative boot camp for bloggers run by Leah Bergman of Freutcake. From Photoshop skills to tips for better social media usage, Freutcamp covered everything it takes to be a successful and savvy blogger.

Leah invited me to speak about making brand collaborations organic to your blog and content. What follows is part two of the top tips I shared with the bloggers at Freutcamp. You can find part one here.


I’m thrilled when a blogger I’m working with goes above and beyond what we’ve outlined in our contract, and it pretty much guarantees that I’ll continue to work with them in the future. Going “above and beyond” can be something as seemingly small as an extra Instagram or tweet, but it goes a long way!

How else can you get on a marketer’s good side? Send all coverage links. Gather every tweet, Instagram, Facebook update and send it my way.

I like to think I know the blogs I work with well, but at the end of the day, no one knows your blog better than you. Send a recap at the end of your brand collaboration that includes benchmarks and insight like, “This blog post performed on par with other sponsored recipe posts. It received X comments, most of which focused on Y. Pinterest Influencer Z pinned it on Pinterest, which led to over X repins, thanks to her X followers.” Any insight you can give me is GOLD when I’m putting together the final recap. It saves me time and puts you top-of-mind for the next opportunity!

Lastly, consider doing a reader survey. Find out who your readers are – ask when the last time they purchased something from you was. Ask what their favorite types of blog posts are, etc. This info is a great tool to show to brands to help prove your worth. Furthermore, it can also help you shape the strategy of your blog and inform the types of brand collaborations to pursue in the future.


I often find new bloggers to work with via features in traditional media. To help expand your audience and create legitimacy for you and your blog, pitch yourself as an expert or source to outlets and other blogs via services like Help a Reporter Out.

When a blogger has been featured in traditional media outlets, it helps my clients understand just how big and influential s/he is. Blogs are still new to many clients, so if I can say, “Blogger X has been featured in Good Housekeeping, was named a top blogger by Glamour and has done cooking segments on the TODAY show,” it gives the blogger instant clout and credibility.


Think about other ways you can add value to brands beyond blogging. Many of the skills you have are in high-demand now that brands are content creators themselves. From recipe development to copywriting to photography – these are separate revenue streams that you can create alongside blog integrations. Case in point: I met a blogger at a blog conference last year, and took notice of her photography skills. Six months later, I hired her to help with the social photography for a CPG brand I was working on!

To get these gigs – network, network, network. You can do this via local blog events, on Twitter and Instagram, or at conferences. To catch the eye of recruiters, make sure your LinkedIn profile is entirely filled out with applicable keywords. You can also submit yourself to creative/advertising recruiting agencies. And finally, adding your services to your blog and media kit is a good idea, too! Put yourself out there.