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Just When You Thought You Knew Everything About Hashtags…

Written by: Rita Mogilanski
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You may be surprised to learn that there are very specific and different rules for using hashtags on each social platform. This red, yellow, and green guide will explain how lenient and indulgent one should be when including hashtags in a post.

  • Red = Steer clear of using hashtags
  • Yellow = Use hashtags sparingly
  • Green = Go hashtag crazy.

FB logo Facebook
Red. Stop. Move away from “shift” and “3” keys. Hashtags should not be a priority on Facebook. When applicable, tag a partner page instead of using a hashtag. Hashtags should only be implemented when it complements a call to action as part of a larger, cross-platform campaign.

Twitter logo Twitter
Yellow. Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags and still their most natural home. Tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than tweets without, and 55% more retweets. However, using MORE than two hashtags in a tweet actually decreases engagement by 17%, so use them wisely.

YouTube logo YouTube
Green. Feel free to go hashtag crazy. Hashtags (in the tagging section) on videos are important for search and discoverability. Use at least 3 tags on videos to increase the likelihood that users will find your content.

GPlus logo Google+
Yellow. Like YouTube, Google+ is a platform that is important for search. Google will automatically tag certain posts with relevant and popular hashtags. Hashtags can also be added to comments on a post. It is often good practice to tag or add search terms used for paid SEO and webpage strategies on Google+ posts as well. Use one or two hashtags that will help users discover content.

Instagram logo Instagram
Green. Instagram is home to #ThrowbackThursday, #TransformationTuesday, and other alliterations that allow users to post baby pictures. #There #seems #to #be #a #hashtag #epidemic #on #Instagram, but believe it or not, these people have the right idea. Hashtags are the primary way to find and browse new content on Instagram, and data has shown that interactions are highest on posts with 11+ hashtags. While over-hashtagging is distracting and considered poor etiquette, do not hesitate to include as many hashtags as are relevant to the post to increase discoverability.

Tumblrlogo Tumblr
Green. Like YouTube, hashtags are hidden on the back-end on Tumblr. This allows users to post more hashtags that cover all the aspects of the content. Use 9-12 terms that are both specific and general to completely represent the post content and the interests of the audience. Just remember that only the hashtags that are entered into the tag section will be clickable and searchable.

Pinterest logo Pinterest
Red. Believe it or not, hashtags may harm the reach of content on Pinterest. Clicking a hashtag will actually take you away from the content on the page, and to a list of all posts using that hashtag. This means that you will end up driving users to a list of other similar brands and competing content. Keywords, without a hashtag attached, are a better way to label content and help users discover it.

Vine logo Vine
Yellow. Like Instagram, hashtags are really the main way to find content, and like Twitter, Vine features trending hashtags and topics. It is best to include any and all relevant hashtags, but over-hashtagging isn’t proper etiquette. #DoItForTheVine

LinkedIn logo LinkedIn
Red. LinkedIn is unique in that the platform does not support hashtags at all. They are not clickable or searchable. A hashtagged word will just show up as normal text, and what good is a pound sign if doesn’t automatically hyperlink? Steer clear.

Stats of the Week

Written by: Jackie Mendez
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Every week we compile lots of interesting stats here at Fanscape and we try to share a lot of what we learn with you in these posts.

70% Of Brands Respond To Social Media Customer Complaints Within 24 Hours

Social media marketing is hardly the new kid on the block anymore. eMarketer estimates that among US businesses with at least 100 employees, 87% used social media for marketing last year, and 88% will do so this year.

But old problems still plague the space. Not only are many marketers still not measuring their efforts, dealing with negative buzz remains a questionable proposition for nearly half.

February 2014 research from social media training firm Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) found that fewer than half of US marketing professionals had an effective plan in place for dealing with negative posts on social sites. One-quarter did not have a plan but were working on one, and nearly one-quarter more had no plan—and no plan for a plan.

Not having a plan in place doesn’t mean marketers are doing nothing, however. While around one in five respondents said they rarely or never responded to negative social buzz, most marketers did—and quickly. Nearly as many answered within 1 hour, and a further 52% replied to posts within 24 hours.

Is responding without a plan a good thing? While many marketers certainly do so without a hitch, the room for error is clear. And since negative buzz can cause anxiety—or worse—among marketers that don’t have a plan in place, it can easily spur intemperate or otherwise poor responses.

Source: eMarketer

The Value of a Social Relationship

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Fanscape just released a new white paper – The Value of a Social Relationship.

The focus of this white paper is the long-term business value of a social relationship. In this we also introduce our Social Relationship Value (SRV™) formula for calculating this monetary value. This formula focuses specifically on factors within each individual business, providing a measurement that is appropriate and commensurate with the goals, needs, and values of that particular organization.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

For additional information, visit www.Fanscape.com

How To Get a Job

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Fanscape CEO, Larry Weintraub, recently expanded on a piece he did a few weeks back about graduating with an edge. With Fanscape now looking to fill a few social media positions of our own and so many people looking for work, Larry opened up about how to apply for and How to Get a Job – not just at Fanscape, but for companies in general.

His tips include:

  1. Do you have the experience we need?
  2. Are you an expert?
  3. How do you stay ahead?

Click HERE to read about Larry’s advice.

Social Media Jobs – Fanscape has ’em

Written by: Digitally Approved
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Looking for a great job in Social Media Marketing or know someone who is? Fanscape is always on the look out for the best and brightest to join our team. Please see the list of available opportunities and brief descriptions below.

Account Director

The Account Director serves as the primary client contact for existing accounts. He/she will work with clients to determine business needs and objectives. The Account Director is responsible for all client communications and compliance on client deliverables. He/she is responsible for fostering and strengthening all client relationships for existing accounts as well as serving as counsel to the client on best practices in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Manager, Social Media Marketing

Fanscape is looking to fill both full-time and freelance social media marketing positions to implement effective digital marketing tactics for our Fortune 500 brands including website and blogger outreach, coordinating online contests and sweepstakes, communicating with consumers in social media networks, managing a brand’s social media properties/communities, monitoring online conversations, developing relationships with websites and online influencers, creating and distributing online content, and assisting with overall social media strategy development and tactical plans.

Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Fanscape requires an extremely detail oriented Office Manager who will also serve as the Executive Assistant for our small executive team. The ideal candidate needs to be incredibly organized and personable. You will be responsible for answering the company phones, managing executive calendars, making travel reservations, ordering office supplies and be our go to person for all corporate office needs.


Fanscape is also looking for a few good interns in the Business Development and Marketing/Communications departments.

Business Development Intern – Research & Proposal

The Business Development intern will assist the Business Development team with various pitching, presentation and proposal needs including potential client research, strategizing, and reviewing proposals to help secure new business and leads for Fanscape. You will play a vital role in assisting the Business Development Team to secure new business while running as smoothly and as organized as possible.

Business Development Intern – Creative Strategy

The Business Development intern (creative and strategy) will assist the Business Development team with brainstorming and conceptualizing client campaigns, proposals, presentations, marketing & promotion strategies as well as general research, administrative tasks, organization and keeping abreast of industry dynamics, trends, and opportunities. Previous coursework (preferably a major) in marketing or advertising is required.

Marketing /Communications Intern

As an Interns you will assist our communications team with projects and ongoing programs that include knowledge documents, byline articles, company newsletter and communications strategy.  Your duties will also include various administrative tasks such as internet research, target list creation, and database management.

Check out all of Fanscape’s available positions and how to apply right HERE.